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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Diving Into The Unknown...

I just finished reading SHADOW DIVERS by Robert Kurston. Fascinating page turner and vicarious thrill ride, diving with those divers 230 feet under the ocean...something I would NEVER do in my real life...The writing was so captivating and so well written. I wonder if I could have the discipline to write to fruition and get my book published...

Diving deep
into the unknown
following a need
which cannot be denied.
The adventure
of discovery
the fear
of failure
of the outcome,
willing to dive
again and again
to seek and find...
as the need to breathe,
is the need to express
to find my true self
is to search my soul
 learning and growing..
Knowing others
better than myself
is not the path
of self discovery.
Hanging on
for dear life
to this life line
as my hands
pull me deeper
 and deeper
into this quest...
blues of isolation
greens of growing
toward the light
of knowledge
from those
with more experience.
Fighting the kelp
 of self doubt
twisting me
clutching at me...
rays of light
piercing the depths
like shards of a broken mirror
remind me
to close my eyes
and trust my instincts
hand over hand
on my life line
will be my salvation.
The darkness of fear
will blind my vision
 and mute my voice.
what can be seen
is far too deceiving...
the demons and darkness
will take over my life
if I allow it.
drowning me
 in the worst possible death
to not give
myself the chance.
Facing the fears
 doing it anyway
builds character
 inner strength.
is so elusive;
slipping too often
from my grasping hands.
I must persevere..
It is the key
to this treasure
opening my way
to make it safely
 back to the surface...
The irony
is the exploration,
single minded pursuit,
not to quit
is the only way
to capture
to find the portal
of feeling
the warmth
of the sun
on my face...
and to know,
I did it.



DJan said...

Oooh, I like that, Donna. Especially the "fighting the kelp of self doubt" -- very good stuff here! Thanks for sharing this with me...

Chatty Crone said...

I like the facing fears and doing it anyway.