Picture taken by my friend Cyndi Leos....thank you Cyndi.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Magpie 128: Enlightenment

image by Zelko Nedic

Photo presented by Tess Kincaid
Poetry challenge by Magpie Tales

he only painted dark tones
his favorite color black
enlightenment from a boot


Sunday, July 29, 2012


Blue Maze from Google images

somewhere between 
a conversation
and realization
the blue maze
took her happy place

finding her way back
is elusive
because motivation
left too

there is a price to pay
for sensitivity
gather yourself...

how can she
when no one
is there?

take the path
of self-ness
permission granted
to be first for a change...

don't allow the cold hard truth
to lock it deep inside
seek the center
germinate from within

bring forth the light
make it a priority
ignore all else

time is running out


 what is
most important
more meaningful
most valuable

be brave...
 find it


we all shrink away
from cruel words spoken
by those who "love us"
regardless of the truth
we die a little each time...

even worse
when we slap
our own faces
and slam the door
on our own lives...

we smack into walls
get lost at every turn
have no sense of direction
and sit and cry in the dark

it is the maze of life
what else is new?
good times
bad times
it's all part of the flow...


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Calling All Art and History Lovers...

This is a watercolor I found in a thrift store.  I was so taken with the woman wearing the period dress and the old buildings.  What year do you think it is depicting?  1700's?  Where do you think it is?

I love the reflection of the golden sails of the boats and the glow in the window...It is so detailed with such a wonderful composition...

I really would appreciate any input in determining the artist, the period, the location...  The signature is covered by the matting.  It has brown paper sealing the back of the painting, so I would have to take the paper off and remove the matting from the framing....and I kind of hate to do that...if I can avoid it...

There is a sticker from Artistic Ways framing from Tampa, Florida.  When I called the phone number it was disconnected.

I have no idea of the title or the artist.  I have googled and googled and I cannot find an image matching the painting anywhere.  Does anyone recognize this painting?

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Mystery and Masterpieces...

Ophelia by Odilon Redon

Poetry challenge by Magpie Tales
Photo presented by Tess Kincaid

she cloaked herself 
in mystery
using her shyness well
galleries and buyers
pursued her
her income soaring high
no one knew
her secret
was enveloped within
her subconscious
as she slept
and dreamed
her floral masterpieces...


Monday, July 2, 2012

Taking Rejection In Stride...

I got an email from Apple tonight.  They "thanked me for investing my time but are going forward with other candidates..."

I am disappointed.  I hoped to at least get a second interview...but, it was not meant to be....there is something else out there for me and I just haven't found it yet...

I go see the surgeon this Thursday for the lump in my right arm/elbow.  I am hoping it is benign...

I am looking forward to my two daughters coming to visit this Friday.  It has been two years since they were both out here together to visit .  I don't have time to take this Apple rejection to heart because my joy and anticipation in spending time with my daughters far surpasses anything else.