Picture taken by my friend Cyndi Leos....thank you Cyndi.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sharing My Good News...

Holy crap!  Did Blogger warn anyone of this change??? I certainly did not receive any notice...I just discovered this "new look" today....hopefully I can figure out how to post this!

I have been really putting my nose to the grindstone, despite my sore arm (which is getting a little better)....I have an arm brace, an elbow wrap, and my back brace on to prevent further problems.  I have been moving all my art and craft supplies from the office to the garage art studio...mainly because we have decided to get new darker, more dense carpeting, because the carpet we have now is too light and gets too dirty too quickly...

I have a month to finish my de-cluttering...I have to finish this #@&* project, so we scheduled the re-carpeting so I HAVE to be motivated, and finish.  Hubby is helping with the heavy stuff...

Thankfully, the weather has been GORGEOUS and cool, so working in the garage has not been too bad....

I told you all I had good news to share...I have committed myself to realizing Nevada is where we are now and the reality of our situation shows me it is wiser to get used to it than to fight it.  So I put all the energy I was using feeling sorry for myself into re-inventing myself.

We went back to church the beginning of the year and met two other couples and a single lady who lives a couple streets over from us.  We get together as a group and go to lunch, dinner or movies.  They also invited us to join a church group they are in which gets together for potlucks and conversation.  We are really enjoying our busier social life.

I joined a Bible Study with three other wonderful single women my of whom is my dog walking friend and a neighbor who lives three streets over.  For two years she kept inviting me to the Bible Study and finally I decided to join.  I am so glad I did.

Through the paver work we had done in the back patio, the contractor asked if he could use us as a reference and send interested people in pavers or LED landscaping lights over to see what he did for us.  The contractor sent over a woman who just moved here from Oregon after her husband died of cancer.  My hubby offered her a drink and we sat and talked...turns out, we have a lot in she is lonely and needs a friend too!

She has a cute little Maltese/Poodle mix named Loke (which means Rose in Hawaiian...she is originally from Hawaii.)  We plan on getting together to introduce our dogs and walk together.  She also is interested in exercising with me.  She likes to hike, (which I have not done in eons) but what the heck, maybe I can start with mini hikes....

I have re-connected with some of my California and Arizona girlfriends who welcomed me back with open arms.  I had been distant with them because I convinced myself I was "out of the loop" due to living a state away...I had made myself so miserable, I would talk with them on the phone, then hang up and cry because I missed them so much...of course I felt such loss because I had no life.  I was literally locking myself up in a self made prison!

Every woman needs her girlfriends.  I know that, yet I forgot it for longer than I some ways I forgot maybe the "re-inventing" is really "re-locating" myself...

At first, I felt like I was just "going through the motions" trying to "re-invent myself"....and I still felt like I was betraying myself and feeling lonesome...but I kept the faith and kept moving forward taking action toward my goal...  I am feeling so much happier, more positive and stronger...more in charge of my life...

I also had a four unit bridge installed in my mouth to fill in the two missing teeth I had on the right side. I have always been so conscientious with my teeth, so when a former dentist not only broke my former  three unit bridge, he also broke the tooth off at the gum...hence having to have it pulled.  The past two years I have felt so self conscious with the missing teeth, even putting my hand to cover my mouth or not smiling.  It feels so good to throw my head back and laugh...and not worry about missing teeth.

This June I turn 65 and will change my health plan to Humana Gold Plus the first of June.  They will pay for my Curves membership, so I am looking forward to working out there and meeting more friends.

My Father, who has Alzheimer's, has had several medical issues lately and since I am his advocate, I have also been busy logging in his issues and following up with his doctors.  I write about our families' experience with Dad's disease on my other blog, here at Mystical Journeys.

I miss blogging and all my blogging friends, but I promised myself to get in shape and to simplify our lives by eliminating all this stuff I have lugged all this stuff for years from house to house and really never went through any of it.  It is going to feel so good to "let go" and have less clutter to stress me out.  Then I will have more time to devote to my hobbies...which I am narrowing down to writing and painting.

You would not believe the craft supplies, jewelry making tools and supplies, tole painting, jars and is all going.  I am also letting go of a lot of the books I have....many of them I have touched in six years, so I am donating them or giving them to Goodwill.

I have been attending a writer's group every three months or so and the last meeting I met some poets who invited me to join their meetings.  All the members of the group have been published since joining the group in the past four to seven years.  I now have options...I feel like the seeds have been sown and now the harvest is about to grow...  They also attend the Las Vegas Writer's Conference which is held annually every April.

I have a week long trip planned mid May to spend time with my Mom (Mother's Day), Sister (her birthday) and two of my dear friends in CA as well as about twenty women I used to work with at the Federal Courts where I used to work.  So I have my work cut out for me...gotta get all the little stuff moved and put away before the carpet installers come and move the heavy furniture.  We were told they will finish in one day...they move everything out of one room, lay the carpet and put that room back together, then move on to the next room.  We are having four rooms done.

I will continue to pop in and out, but after I finish this last project, my plan is to be back blogging on a more regular schedule.

I want to thank my blogging friends who have stayed connected with me despite my erratic blogging.  You know who you are and you mean the world to me.  You were there when I felt so alone, warming me with your personal stories and sharing your lives with me.  I look forward to catching up with all of you very soon.  xoxoxo Donna

Friday, April 20, 2012

Solo Passion...

Red Roofs, Marc Chagall, 1954

Photo prompt by Tess Kincaid
Writing Challenge hosted by Magpie Tales

 rivers of red acrylic
splash and spread,
across the floor
she feverishly pushed the paint
with her long handled brush
the passion of her life
viewed best by her benefactor
far above in  the star lit sky
from the red tile roof tops
her body seemed small
yet her efforts were great
her bare foot held one edge of the paper
pushing and pulling the paint
rarely satisfied
 always wanting perfection
 she had so much
to prove...
she always knew
 she wanted to be an Artist
her goal ahead like a beckon
blinding her to anything else.
consumed in creation
she dare not stop for one day
for fear of self doubt
would steal it all away...
despite the flattery
of flowers and ignored invitations
she had no time for romance
for men only want to possess
a woman's power
to harness and leash it
like a dog pulling his cart.
no one understood
her obsession to paint
so she cloaked herself
in persistence
and reveled
in her solo passion.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012


"Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend."

Melody Beattie

Sometimes I allow myself to be too easily distracted and forget to be grateful....Ironic how one strain or pulled muscle in my right arm can suddenly bring so much clarity and gratitude...

One forgets how many small, daily actions are taken for granted when one cannot move one's fingers or bending one's elbow without experiencing pain...  Really got my attention!

Obviously, typing is not one of the actions I can partake in with my right arm semi out of commission.  I am getting better, but only if I do not over use my right arm....

Many blessings have been rolling into our lives as I take myself OUTSIDE and placing myself among people...putting myself out there....I look forward to sharing it with you soon....

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Attitude and Effort...

"Happiness is an attitude.  We either make ourselves miserable, or happy and strong.  The amount of work is the same."  

~Francesca Reigler

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spreading Light...

"There are two ways to spread light: To be the candle or the mirror that reflects it."

~Edith Wharton~