Picture taken by my friend Cyndi Leos....thank you Cyndi.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Being Creative With The Sisterhood of the Ya Ya Traveling Creative Pants...

My sister is coming this weekend... I feel like a little kid at Christmas!  My girlfriends, sister and I used to have our Creative Scrappin' Weekends every three or four months, but lately, we are lucky to have it once a year... Normally, we have six or seven of us.  This weekend, my sister Holly and a girlfriend Bonnie, will drive out and come to my house.  We will have lunch and play on our lap tops, talk, laugh and catch up.  Around 3pm, our other girlfriend, Barbs should be home from work.  We will take her some lunch and continue our Creative Celebration all together the rest of the weekend... They will leave on Monday morning...

We have a Digital Scrap Booking magazine we want to explore and try some of the projects...some mysterious photograph trick Barbs learned from Bonnie, recipes to sample, a possible slumber party on Friday night...(my sister is staying with me and Bonnie is staying with Barbs...but we may have to combine forces in the Creative juices suck us all in...

We ALWAYS have a blast, whatever "trouble" we get ourselves into... I have a vinyl quote I want to hang above my dining room slider leading into the back says, " The Fondest Memories Are Made When Gathered Around The Table..."  My sister is going to help me hang it..or should I say, "stick it" to the wall.

We may go sight seeing and take photographs and then do something with the is a spontaneous combustion of who-knows-what and let's-go-for-it, type of weekend... My sister and I will no doubt do some treasure hunting at a few thrift stores, we are always good luck for one another... She is bringing a stamping she is going to let me borrow.  I want to try some jewelry making...

When we are all together, we are the Sisterhood of the Ya Ya Traveling Creative Pants...

Monday, April 25, 2011

Magpies and Other Thoughts...

Magpie #63
Photography by Tess Kincaid atLife At Willow Manor
Writing/Poetry challenge Magpie Tales


Isn't it scrumptious
the way an object,
a smell or a sound
in a magical time machine
back to childhood?
Images, memories, colors
in the most unique,
captivating, kaleidoscope of
day dreams...


Photography by Mari at 365 Days

Aging in Grace...

I am like an old barn
standing quietly,
on the side
of a less traveled road.
A "diamond in the rough"
surrounded by prosperous
acreage of family and friends...
Surveying and observing
 from my dormer windows
of unique viewpoint,
 stored with memories
and wisdom...
Green pastures of a full life
fill me with experience
 solid structure
and contentment.
I've learned upkeep
is far more crucial
than a eye catching coat
of red paint...
Don't mistake my moss covered
roof as idle folly;
I may be settled with roots
but still yearn to learn
and be of good service.
My weather worn exterior,
having stood the test of time,
is not inconsequential
suitable, only for shelter...
I was built within
a formable generation
with great worldly presence.
Valued and appreciated
by family heritage,
proud to call home 
this family land
where in God, we trust...


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Six Word Saturday...With A Trip To Springs Reserve...

Anxiously waiting family arriving for Easter...

Family arrived safely.  We went to the Springs Reserve and walked around enjoying natural trails, flora and fauna, flash flood experience, living green examples, Paiute Indian village, Garden center with native plants, flowers and trees, animal feedings..and more...(see the link above).

They had an EggStravaganza and picture with the Easter Bunny.  We arrived close to quitting time for the EB, and the line was too we took this picture of my daughter, her boyfriend and baby Jacob...

I am holding Jacob in front of Jeff, that's why Jeff's rear is sticking out so far!

We are all heading to my bed for a nap...everyone else is already crashed out...after we rest a bit, we are off for a two for one buffet at Green Valley Ranch....  zzzzzzzzzz....

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Some Times We Build Fences...

Photography by Mari at 365 Days

some times we build fences
corralling ourselves
painting it bright
white in righteousness
casting shadows on
blowing opportunities
like spent golden leaves
weary from waiting...
to drop outside fences
making it fertile
for new growth
without us
spending too much time
tending the fence
strong, thick, solid
in protection, to feign
trust with a sly smile...
rationalizing it is not a wall
doesn't make it any
easier to get in...
the harder we protect
the bigger the fear...
open the gate
 venture out into
 the sunlight of bravery
feel the tenderness
of sprouting spring grass
upon a bare soul
make it a new day
to feel the freedom
in living the life God gave you...


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pardon Me While I Explore...

Check it out!  Diane at The Blue Ridge Gal made me two blog buttons! Please feel free to take one from the side bar of either of my blogs...  She does them for free and she also helps beginning bloggers in designing a custom header for your blog!  She is very nice, kind, generous and works very fast!  Check her out!


I am in the process of changing some things on my blog... so please bear with me...

Pardon me while I explore the world of Template Designer...I originally wanted to make my painting of STARGAZER as my Header picture. 

It worked fine in my old template, but I wanted to try a wider blog template and possibly three columns.  I kind of felt like a change...being Spring and all...When I attempted to go back to my original template, I could not remember which one it making a change became a necessity...

I kind of liked the wider blog version, so I set out to find a different picture which would fit... the sky in STARGAZER made it difficult to find a way to make the title of the blog visible for a button; so my second choice for a blog button was the one below... It was one I would often switch to for a header picture...

But it would not fit the wider version either... I also used the desert scene below...which might fit this new wider it is a larger wallpaper picture, which was my original header picture...I used this one for quite some time, as I live in the desert and it was contemplative and peaceful...I loved the colors...

I do like the purple background as a white background is hard on my eyes.  The darker colors work better for me.  So after experimenting, I tried the picture below, which is also a wallpaper picture...

I liked the colors and it went with my invitation to explore....the meaning of our lives...

So what do you think? 

Any suggestions? 

Join me, if you care to give me an opinion,

 as I delve into the reconstruction of this blog...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

SURVEY: I Would Appreciate Your Opinion...(2nd post today)

What do you prefer when commenting on blogs... Would you rather have a reply back by email or would you rather go back to the post where you left your comment for an answer?

Generally, when one of you leave me a comment after my post, I email back to you, rather than answering in the comment section...unless we are having a discussion...but I noticed lately, I have almost exclusively been emailing back directly.  I also have noticed my comments have slacked off...maybe not seeing my comments after every one's comment, gives the impression I don't respond.?  Or is everyone just busy?

I am interested in your opinions and input... thanks!

Magpie #62: Egg Chokes

Photo by Tess Kincaid
Challenge from Magpie Tales

She settled her cloth
napkin in her lap
admiring the way the sun laced
itself through the kitchen window
the corners of her mouth curved as
she bit into the whole wheat toast, so
crunchy, just the way she liked it, as she
sliced away another mouthful of egg a crash
of glass behind her startled her, dropping her fork
she grabbed the air over turning her tea cup spilling
the warm beige liquid down her leg as a strong, hairy, arm
encircled tightly around her neck choking the life from her breath


Monday, April 18, 2011


 so bleak and barren
and Spring will soon
come to reveal His glorious splendor.


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Doubt, Faith and Mandalas....

"Doubt is a pain too lonely to know that
Faith is his twin brother."

~Khalil Gibran~

 settles the mind
bringing clarity
stress and


Have you heard of Mandalas?

Artist of mandala and explanation
Directions: Go to link above, to category search, select Mystical,
find it 12th row down, 2nd from the left, click on it to discover...
Artist: Lori Beaty "Flower of Life Sphere"

About: The Mandala Project

Circular patterns
intricate or simple
to color
used to center
tune in
free your soul
relax your spirit
calm the chaos
find inner peace


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Magpie #61 Celebrating Us...

Motivational Photography
prompt by Tess Kincaid
Challenge by Magpie Tales

momentous                     memories
you, me, this sweet, wine, nectar
lulling my mind, igniting my body
producing this infatuation with your
lips, so full, created for pleasurous
kissing, captivating me with the
warmth of your
forever love


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Magpie #60 Crying In The Shower...

Photo by Tess Kincaid
Challenge by Magpie Tales

Long ago,
she remembered
so miserable
 she cried
each night
in the
frustrated, hurt,
angry and bitter...
They had only known
one another
four months
before they eloped...
Not taking the time
to make sure
he was father
instead of
rushing to silence
the biological clock
in her head...
cloaked her
The eternal wheels
moved forward...
 She gave birth
to her firstborn
 ecstatically happy
 a dozen years...
Motherhood, at thirty,
was long over due.
 A crucial
life goal ...
a need
a force
a craving
Another child
at thirty-two
 a dream,
into the woman
she wanted
to become;
Feeling complete
she felt she could do anything,
that marriage work...
the shock
of the man
she thought she
she continued
to make excuses...
his cursing
bewildered her soul
his drinking
his gambling
shattered her mind
casting her into
slippery walled
depths of darkness
saved only
by the bright eyed
cherubs who filled
 her heart
with love
giving her
determined reasons to try...
Transformed in loving
in becoming
overwhelmed by the
the reality
clinging to
"just one more time"
these precious jewels
her life...
How can
the power
the magic
the sacred
a man and
a woman
creating life together...
not be
strong enough
to hold it all together?
Isn't the importance
of life
raise a family,
live life together
share a history
make memories
embrace the familiar
take on life
all the adversity?
Isn't it to live
the dream?
To fight
to keep
it all together
protect it,
from which makes it
twist, break
fall apart
go wrong?
he left
she stayed
with her
precious cargo...
was worse than
being left a widow...
If only she knew
how strange
and foreign
it would feel
 to make
a new relationship;
feeling the
dull disconnection
with another man
other than
her children's father...
the dream
so very difficult
to find...
She would
She had
to do it
scared out of her mind
not knowing how
she would make it work...
yet knowing
she would
failure was not
an option
in God
get through,
 she cried in
the shower
for what was
 never to be again...


Friday, April 8, 2011

Slumber Is A Seductive Word...

It has been a busy couple of weeks...I wrote about what I have been up to on my other blog, here.  I had some outside yard projects and am still working on lowering the utilities.  It is amazing to me how I can call and speak to one person, call back and what the first person told me is unknown to the second person. I spoke with a really nice woman from our Internet/land line provider.  She agreed to give me the deal they only offer to new customers.  She told me to take the weekend to discuss it with my husband and she will call me on Monday afternoon.  Now, if she does it, I will make sure customer service knows how much I appreciate her help.

I've made progress in the garage but need to weed out my art stuff.  I need to find a place to dispose of an old computer monitor.  It is so big, it looks like a TV.  The place I found for disposal costs $10.

I have been so tired... If I stop and sit down to watch TV or get on the head feels fuzzy and my eye lids press down on my eyeballs like heavy weights.  Slumber is such a seductive word...

I really want to visit and blog...but I can not keep my eyes open...maybe later...I am so boring!

"O bed! O bed! delicious bed!

That heaven upon earth to the weary head."

~Thomas Hood~