Picture taken by my friend Cyndi Leos....thank you Cyndi.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Magpie #147: Well Traveled...

Poetry challenge by Magpie Tales
Photo presented by Tess Kincaid

Magpie #147.... Well Traveled

well traveled she posed
facing life squarely
naked openness
surrounded her set shoulders
and forward gait
she lived life as it came
ready, willing and able
experiences craved
she wore it proudly
no excuses
fascinated by people
curiosity for places
she aspired to earn
a master's degree
in life...


Sunday, December 2, 2012


 Objects to be Destroyed by Man Ray

Poetry challenge by Magpie Tales
Photo presented by Tess Kincaid

the rushing forward
of it
 eyes hypnotized to
the metronome
of it
incapable of action...
obsessed in observation
keeping track

close those eyes
feel the rhythm of life
leap into
the passage of time
and live it each day


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Magpie #145: Left Behind...

Red Chair

Photo presented by Magpie Tales
Poetry challenge presented by Tess Kincaid

Left behind...

this sturdy rust red leather chair
laden with ominous spirit 
embedded deep
dominance remains
imprisoned within
aged brass upholstery nails

feelings walked upon
like the thread-bare carpet
worn down with
emotional, physical
and spiritual abuse

the house was never a home
 repressed and cursed
peeled paint of lives torn apart
exposed now
to the purity of light
empty broken windows

it is not for sale
let it rot
let the echoes of muffled 
resentful screams
swallow it to its bowels
to dissolve and


Friday, November 23, 2012

Magpie #144: Squall of Memories...

Squall, 1986 by Andrew Wyeth

Photo presented by Magpie Tales
Poetry challenge presented by Tess Kincaid

he fought the howling winds
sweeping the rocky cliff
as the squall claimed
 the bright afternoon sky

flashes came
as they often do
haunted by memories told
from her grateful crew

 she had cursed the storm
as she gripped the helm
 steering into towering waves
of her beloved watery realm

their Father, now dead, taught her well
she always took after him
he never had the stomach for it
his sister had always said
the brother hated the sea
for it took them both
he carried the guilt of the eldest son
he would never be free

steadfast and dedicated
 to protect others from his fate
resolved to his earthly mast
the light house was now his home


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Ode to Izzy...

Izzy girl

This is how she looks
when she wants to go
for a walk...
She has such intent
in her big brown eyes.

We've been together
three years now
we rescued her
the day of her
"last chance"...

She is such good company
very independent
very protective
very smart
no one can get
a half a block
from our house
without her 
letting us know.

I think rescued pets
are so grateful
 doing their best
to honor 
their rescuers.

She had a rough past
in her first year of life
we are her fourth
and final, forever family
a man or men were
 mean to her
so my husband has
to be extra gentle
and soft spoken with her
he is her
treat giver...

I cannot fathom
being mean
to an animal.

She sits in the sink
while I bathe her
giving me little licks
when I lean in
to wash her face...
she will not shake
to dry off
until I take her outside.
My favorite part
of her bathing
is after I have 
towel dried her
and she runs like a 
bullet train
to "air dry"
and rolls around
looking so happy
feeling so good.

Then she goes to the patio
furniture and waits
so I can trim her
patiently holding still
until I sit back
admiring how cute she is
then she looks at me
and waits...
when I tell her, "OK"
she leaps off the 
chair and runs around
so excited
because she knows
she will get a treat
for being so patient...
She looks so cute
and smells so sweet
I love giving her a bath
I just wish I could
learn to shave her
like a professional...
I will have to
U-Tube it and learn...

She observes
watches and listens
 adapting herself
to our life
and whatever we do.

She is not fond of the groomer
but she does what she has to do...
Same with boarding
but she leaps into
my arms when 
I arrive to take her home.

She has a neighborhood
of dog friends
but does not like
bigger dogs
certain breeds...
 she is a work
in progress
learning to be
more social.

During thunder and
lightning storms
she feels comforted
when I put a snug 
doggy shirt
on her
and if I am home
she wants to follow me
around and be where 
I am.

I have never 
heard her whimper
or whine.

She enjoys her toys
and is so grateful
when we give her
a new one...
singling it out
to play with it 
more than the others...

She likes to sit
on top of the back
of our couch
so she can see outside
so she can guard
the house. 

She puts herself
to bed
between 8pm
to 9:30pm
She sleeps in her crate
at night
(with the door open)
on her leopard print
lying on her back
ever so lightly.

Some times she
sleeps with us
unless we move around
too much
then she hops down 
and goes back
to her crate.

During the day
she may sleep on top of our bed
on her pink blanket
or underneath
the bed
on a piece of rug
when she really wants
to sack out
if I am away 
from the house.

She is respectful
of our home
and can be trusted
when we go out
for the day
or several hours.

I cannot
our life 
without her
she is a bundle
of furry love
and she is
our sweet
Izzy girl...


Wednesday, November 21, 2012


"As long as we have persistence in our pursuit of our deepest destiny, we can continue to grow. 
We cannot choose the day or time we will fully bloom.
It happens in its own time."

Denis Waitley

Monday, November 19, 2012


“Time is an equal opportunity employer. Each human being has exactly the same number of hours and minutes every day. Rich people can't buy more hours. Scientists can't invent new minutes. And you can't save time to spend it on another day. Even so, time is amazingly fair and forgiving. No matter how much time you've wasted in the past, you still have an entire tomorrow.” 

― Denis Waitley

Friday, November 16, 2012


"Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned,
 worn or consumed.
 Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute
 with love, grace and gratitude."

Denis Waitley

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Magpie #134: The Landscape of Positive Energy and Attitude....

Vallotton, Felix Verdun

Photo presented by Tess Kincaid
Creative Writing Challenge by Magpie Tales

The Landscape of Positive Energy and Attitude

positive energy and attitude
make a better landscape
for one's life
keep it simple
generate from love
see others
as yourself
shine your light gently
where ever you are
palms up
or palms down
always strive for enlightenment
by knowing
higher energy levels:
lower energy levels:
rise up and let go 
discard the heaviness
embrace the lighter load
there will always be
rocky terrain
and darker forces
but choose to know
there is more lushness in light
often light 
illuminates darkness
creating opportunity for expansion
 each of us
carry a sword
and a lantern...
whenever possible
choose the lantern


Monday, October 29, 2012

Magpie #141:Memories....

Photo prompt Tess Kincaid
Writing challenge Magpie Tales

locked within my soul
rainy days
with you
walking obliviously...
 drenched clothes
clinging to our bodies
like magnets
lingering kisses
more sensuous
shared with nature
 you and me
time stretched ahead
for us
not knowing
these memories
and more
freeze frame
in my mind
each rain
as you shower
me with your love
each rain
without you...

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Rainy Day and Thunder....

****google images*****

Today is a day of rest.  My mom is visiting us until this Sunday.  I made us all breakfast late in the morning...we sat and drank coffee after we were all awakened by an alert for flash flood warnings from my cell phone!  I have never received one of these before...I have a Samsung Stratosphere and only recently, (after the anticipation of the new iPhone) all Samsung phones got maybe that is why I got it...

Mom and I played some games on my mac and her, everyone but me is taking naps.  I have a pork roast in the crock pot.  We plan on watching the Debates tonight.  

There is a break in the rain right now, so I should run across the street and get our mail...Last night we had thunder, lightning and pouring rain...this morning too.

I have been very busy with projects, going on a few trips to California to see family, to O'Fallon, Missouri to see friends....with side trips to St. Louis to see the Arch and into Illinois to enjoy a nice lunch at a tea and gift place.

We have had a lot of I have not had much time to get on the addition to recovering from my right arm tendinitis.  My arm was really inflamed, so I was ordered by the doctor to do some physical therapy, wear my arm brace and not knit, be on the computer, or do any art longer than a half hour...bummer.

Our family is going through a lot with my Father, who has Alzheimer's.  We have some difficult decisions coming I have been making a ton of calls and sending a lot of emails to Dad's doctors and the family...

I miss you all and hope you will still be around when I have more time to write...hugs to all of you.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

We Are All....

"We are all the same person 

trying to shake hands with our self. "

Wavy Gravy

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Magpie #134: Hangover Morning...

Breakfast, 1921,  Fernand Leger

Poetry challenge by Magpie Tales

Photograph presented by Tess Kincaid

 head half buried sat
comforted in black towel
 uninvited breakfast guest


Wednesday, August 29, 2012


"Clarity is the counterbalance of profound thoughts."

Luc de Clapiers

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Magpie 132: The Last of the True Romantics...

Big Room 1948, by Andrew Wyeth

Poetry Challenge by Magpie Tales 
Photo presented by Tess Kincaid

The Last of the True Romantics
by dkb

she wandered through
the room
aware of him
despite his absence...
they both always had
such wonderful light...

memories flashed
as she gazed
into the stoned fireplace
and the chime clock
on its mantle

they shared passion
for one another
as well as classical music

closing her eyes
images flickered in her mind
like a quick fire projector

she smiled
how they always said,
"we are the last
of the true romantics..."

her fingers drifted
softly over the smooth
pair of bright red
  ceramic apples...

 symbolic of their
first  meeting
he kept them in
the wooden bowl
they bought at the street fair
upon the table he built
for her...

she was always
happiest there
engrossed in one another

the dark wooden planks
creaked beneath her bare feet
as she slowly twirled
to Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata...
it was always in her head
when she thought of him...

Monday, August 27, 2012

Choosing to be Happy and Grateful....

**image from Pinterest***

Monday morning...
enjoying a cup of coffee
as I peruse my "to do" list for today...
I treated myself 
to a facial last Friday
and realized how much
I enjoy being pampered
so I scheduled another
in October.
We enjoyed time, conversation
and a great meal with friends
(which is one of my most favorite
things to do...)
A relaxing weekend indeed!
Good results
from my mammo
and bone density tests...
Still waiting for the MRI results
on my right arm...,
Made all my phone calls...
Gotta go...
lots of errands to do.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Poppies, Weight Loss and Six Word Saturday...

from Google images....

Poppies are such happy little flowers...
I've been googling images
hoping it will distract
the spasms in my back...

I need to exercise....but I don't want to.  Otherwise I would do more of it...maybe it is the heat?  No, it is an intense dislike for exercise....unless it involves dancing I'm not interested.  We are hibernating inside the house to stay cool. 

While eating lunch the other day, I was playing a game on my iPad.  I decided every time I got a 15 free spin bonus, I would stand and do the Twist to the zippy music...Fortunately, or unfortunately, the free spins kept coming and I kept Twisting, until it was easier to just stop playing the game.

Yesterday I woke up sore from my ribs down to my waist...and my back, right side ribs are spasming...
The numbers on my scale this morning indicate my anti exercise attitude needs to change.

Looking back, I remember myself saying, "Oh my Lord....there is NO WAY I'm going to weigh...." and then not only do I pass that weight, but continue to gain even more.  I have said it before, but I far surpassed the weight I was when I was pregnant with my both my girls more than 33 years ago...
I NEVER thought I would ever weigh what I do...and I have only myself to blame.

I scheduled my MRI with and without contrast for next Tuesday.  Despite my claustrophobia, I have had to change my attitude.  I can be brave and endure for 45 minutes.  I will take the sedation meds and focus on the faces of my three grand sons...their faces will get me through...

I want to be a happy, cheerful little Poppy, so I have to change my attitude and thinking... 
I don't want to, but I am going up to our gym, with my bathing suit and walking the pool.  Every day I vow to move for at least one hour in some form of exercise.  I want to live.  I want to lose weight, therefore I must move.  I confess this to the world to be accountable for my actions.

Living in denial, stunts my life.


Thursday, August 2, 2012

An Explanation...

A lot has been going on over here at our that the flooring project is put to bed and most of the stuff we are keeping is back in the house and the rest will eventually be donated...

We had our son (my step-son) graduate from Marine Boot Camp July 20th so we were down in San Diego for that.  OH WHAT A TRANSFORMATION in him!  Not only the 20 pounds of muscle he gained, but so much more affectionate, outgoing, un-filtered and talkative...  We could not be more proud!  We had a huge group of 28 eating lunch afterward, all the young Marines in their dress blues made quite a positive commotion!  The way they conduct themselves while in uniform and just the way they stand at impressive!

We also went to a family BBQ on Saturday at another of my husband's son's home in Irvine and spent the night visiting, catching up, eating and swimming...very nice.  Sunday we went to an Angel/Ranger game with the Irvine family and another son's family from Nevada.

Last Wednesday, our Marine and his sister came to visit to bring us pictures and spend the night going out on the town....VEGAS STYLE...after a big breakfast, they drove back to CA on Thursday as the Marine had uniform inspection on Friday.

He left the 31st for Combat training at Pendleton for a month, then has a ten minute ceremony and gets on the bus to the airport and flies to Virginia.  He is still under background check, but he suppose to be assigned to Intel.

In between all of that, I have this lump, this hitch hiker on my right elbow.  To give you the short version of this saga, I chose not to have the MRI and have elected to have the surgeon aspirate the lump today in his office at 2:40pm to see if he can determine if it is benign...either a ganglion cyst or a fat filled keep your fingers crossed and keep saying those prayers!

Just before we left for CA, our big, huge picture window in our great room suddenly cracked during two days of thunder storms.  Had to replace that when we returned... to the tune of $467....

My Dad is 92, a Marine veteran from the battle of Tarawa and he is in a nursing home with Alzheimer's/Dementia.  I am his advocate and keep track of his medication and medical issues and communicate it to my family.  Lately, he has really slowed down and has circulation issues in his legs which is causing problems with his left foot, complicated by an infection around skin cancer on his baby toe.  His doctor has talked of amputation but putting such a patient under general anesthesia is usually not recommended.

Seven years ago, my Mother in law was heavily sedated for a CT SCAN because she also had Alzheimer's and could not hold still for the test.  They needed to determine why she kept falling, other than the falling, she was perfectly healthy.  She was a total zombie after waking from the sedation.  She never recovered, went down hill and died two months later.

Lately, Dad's doctor and I have been communicated via email and we have been discussing Hospice for Dad.  I spoke with the hospice expert this morning and sent out an email to my family.  Having a brief experience with hospice with my mother in law, I see them as Angels on earth...both my husband and I wished we had called them much sooner.  Their support was so meaningful and valuable.

If anyone out there does not know, hospice does not mean impending death or that the patient is expected to die in 6 months.  Often that is the main criteria for most hospice patients, but many stay on hospice for 18 months to two years and some even come off hospice they are doing so well...often with Alzheimer's patients!  Hospice is all about dignity, comfort, and support for the patient.  I highly recommend a hospice team to increase visitation and positive relationships for your loved ones.

We will be discussing hospice as a family, but my vote is to bring in hospice for Dad...he deserves only the best...

When I can stay awake and home, I am tuned into the Olympics.... Isn't it incredible???  I am rooting for Michael Phelps.  Hurray for the Fab Five! We are neck and neck with China...

Anyway, that has what I have been doing and why I have not been blogging as often...I've had a lot on my plate.  I have also been feeling highly emotional and cry at the drop of a hat....which turns out is very exhausting because I keep finding myself awaking stiff necked from falling asleep in my rose recliner....

Monday, July 30, 2012

Magpie 128: Enlightenment

image by Zelko Nedic

Photo presented by Tess Kincaid
Poetry challenge by Magpie Tales

he only painted dark tones
his favorite color black
enlightenment from a boot


Sunday, July 29, 2012


Blue Maze from Google images

somewhere between 
a conversation
and realization
the blue maze
took her happy place

finding her way back
is elusive
because motivation
left too

there is a price to pay
for sensitivity
gather yourself...

how can she
when no one
is there?

take the path
of self-ness
permission granted
to be first for a change...

don't allow the cold hard truth
to lock it deep inside
seek the center
germinate from within

bring forth the light
make it a priority
ignore all else

time is running out


 what is
most important
more meaningful
most valuable

be brave...
 find it


we all shrink away
from cruel words spoken
by those who "love us"
regardless of the truth
we die a little each time...

even worse
when we slap
our own faces
and slam the door
on our own lives...

we smack into walls
get lost at every turn
have no sense of direction
and sit and cry in the dark

it is the maze of life
what else is new?
good times
bad times
it's all part of the flow...


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Calling All Art and History Lovers...

This is a watercolor I found in a thrift store.  I was so taken with the woman wearing the period dress and the old buildings.  What year do you think it is depicting?  1700's?  Where do you think it is?

I love the reflection of the golden sails of the boats and the glow in the window...It is so detailed with such a wonderful composition...

I really would appreciate any input in determining the artist, the period, the location...  The signature is covered by the matting.  It has brown paper sealing the back of the painting, so I would have to take the paper off and remove the matting from the framing....and I kind of hate to do that...if I can avoid it...

There is a sticker from Artistic Ways framing from Tampa, Florida.  When I called the phone number it was disconnected.

I have no idea of the title or the artist.  I have googled and googled and I cannot find an image matching the painting anywhere.  Does anyone recognize this painting?

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Mystery and Masterpieces...

Ophelia by Odilon Redon

Poetry challenge by Magpie Tales
Photo presented by Tess Kincaid

she cloaked herself 
in mystery
using her shyness well
galleries and buyers
pursued her
her income soaring high
no one knew
her secret
was enveloped within
her subconscious
as she slept
and dreamed
her floral masterpieces...


Monday, July 2, 2012

Taking Rejection In Stride...

I got an email from Apple tonight.  They "thanked me for investing my time but are going forward with other candidates..."

I am disappointed.  I hoped to at least get a second interview...but, it was not meant to be....there is something else out there for me and I just haven't found it yet...

I go see the surgeon this Thursday for the lump in my right arm/elbow.  I am hoping it is benign...

I am looking forward to my two daughters coming to visit this Friday.  It has been two years since they were both out here together to visit .  I don't have time to take this Apple rejection to heart because my joy and anticipation in spending time with my daughters far surpasses anything else.

Saturday, June 30, 2012


image from Mari's blog 365 Days

in the calm of daybreak
when morning first begins...
 fog settles softly
caressing clusters of trees
gentle breeze vibrates
tall stalks of wheat
inviting opportunity
for fresh renewal...


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My First Apple Interview....

Today I went to a group Apple interview on the 64th floor of the Trump Tower in Las Vegas.  I was the oldest one there...but it was exciting and invigorating being around so much talent and youth...I LOVED IT. 

They told us we should be proud to be invited to an interview because they hire less than Harvard admits to their College...

I have been attempting to get hired by Apple since today was progress.  Let's hope there will be a second...

Friday, June 15, 2012

Confessions of a 65 Year Old Woman...

I know I have not been consistent with my writing on my blog...and not with my weight loss either.  As some of you may remember I had a work out plan to lose twenty pounds by my 65th birthday.  I turned 65 on June 8th and did not lose hardly any weight.  Well, I did lose a few pounds, but with all the company we had, I gained it back.

One would think all the moving and packing I did in prep for the laminate floors would have carved some weight off me....but no....nothing.

Now that I am 65 my Medicare Advantage plan, Humana Gold Plus kicks in.  It will pay for my Curves membership.  Even when I paid from my own pocket I did not have much success with Curves, but I am going to try it again.  I have some girlfriends who are doing it, so maybe they will help me stay focused and committed...  I just HATE gyms as I have written many times...

I have promised myself not to get down on myself and just re-group.  At our family BBQ, I invited my husband's ex wife because she was staying with the kids here in town planning on attending our grand son's graduation.  I decided long ago to be part of the solution, rather than part of the problem in keeping my husband's large, extended family together, so I made nice with his ex's.

She and I sat and talked for a long while about the Caveman Diet... has anyone ever heard of it?  She lost 30 pounds (her goal) over four months and then lost 12 more over two more months!  That is incredible!  If I could just lose twenty pounds I would feel so powerful and motivated I could keep going!  She said it is quite a commitment and not an easy diet to follow, but it sure works.  She did not do any exercising either.  She also hates gyms.  She told me if I exercised I would probably lose a lot more weight.

We went to see What to Expect When You Are Expecting yesterday.  It was cute.  My husband loves comedies.  I have to admit I got teary eyed in a few scenes because anything about people giving birth or little babies makes me cry.  I was a blithering mess when I took my two young daughters to see the original Parenthood with Steve Martin and Mary Steenburgen after my divorced.  I was crying so hard after the movie, I could not drive.  I sat with them on a grassy knoll outside the theatre and sobbed loudly.  My poor pre-teen daughters kept gently asking if I wouldn't be more comfortable crying in the car....

My youngest daughter, now a Mother herself,  called me the other day and told me she watched it on TV and had to call me as she remembered that day so vividly....

Normally I would be beating myself up for not reaching my goals....but I am so proud of how much I have accomplished around the house in my de-cluttering and re-decorating as well as creating more of a social life, making friends and being more socially active, I feel confident I will meet my goals eventually because I really want it.

I am learning in my older age (approaching heaps of wisdom...I hope) how important it is to be gentle with ourselves and with others.  As a wise person once said, "Don't sweat the small stuff, for it is ALL SMALL STUFF." It will all unfold as it is suppose to unfold...If I am so locked in and focused, I will miss all the blessings and laughter along the way...

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thoughts on a Hot Thursday Morning...

** image from Pinterest

On this hot Thursday
I'd rather be transported to
a cozy chair beside a large picture
window, enjoying a large cup of tea
or coffee....reading a great book
or surfin' the web on my mac book...
I long to hear the pitter-pat of hard rain
leaving the fresh scent rain always does...


I am thankful I am sitting inside our cozy, air conditioned, home, in my rose chair, music playing, and the soft sound of my mac's key pad as I type...I feel really good.

I am drinking a cup of my Donut Shop Mocha Coconut coffee....delicious!

My plans for the day are to hang out the flag to fly in the hot breeze,  attempt to talk with my Father at the nursing home, take a shower, wash my hair, then go see a movie with my husband.  He wants to see What to Expect When You are Expecting.  A comedy sounds good to me...

Despite the heat, I feel light and breezy.  I spent several hours in our 100 plus degree garage yesterday sorting through the books from my bookcases...I am still deciding which ones I will keep, which to donate or sell...  I am liking the low maintenance, less cluttered atmosphere we are creating inside our home...

Tomorrow I get my eyes examined and dilated.  I need new glasses.  In the evening we have plans to join my girlfriend for a concert in the park celebrating Beach Boys music...  Should be a fun night.

My doctor's office called yesterday and called the surgeon's office on my behalf.  I have an appointment on July 5th to check the lump in my right arm.  I will hold positive thoughts and continue to wish it to dissolve and go away...

I have missed blogging and look forward to finding a more consistent opportunity to get back here, visiting and sharing...  Happy Father's Day, Happy Flag Day and everyone please have a safe, fun, weekend whatever you find yourselves doing...

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Before and After Pics and What's Happening...

I am tardy in getting the before and after pics of the laminate floor project because I had five days to get everything put back together before two sets of company arrived.  My girlfriend Connie arrived last Monday and left Thursday morning.  Our friends Diane and Ernie from Tucson, arrived around 2pm on Thursday and left at noon today.  Tonight we have a family BBQ for eleven people...

So here are the Before and After Pics:

Above is our living room/great room is so packed with furniture the area you see is about all of the floor you are able to see.  (Scroll down a couple of posts and you can see how it looked when it was carpeted...)

Above is our master bedroom.  We got a new area rug for the great room and took the rug above from the great room and put it in the master...

Above is the guest bedroom....

And last but not least....the office:

My girlfriend gave me the new cover for our futon.  I used the pillow shams filling them with old bed pillows and now it looks like a cozy couch.  I have great plans for this room.  I want to brighten it up and make the atmosphere in the room more inductive for creativity.  I found a few bright and colorful paintings while thrift-storing and shopping with my girlfriend Connie.  One is quite heavy, so I have to get the right hardware to hang it properly... stay tuned for those pictures.  

That lump in my arm?  Still don't know what it is because I cannot get into the surgeon's office!  When I called my primary care doctor to complain, they told me they could not reach them either.  I guess Monday I will be calling my new Medicare Plus Plan customer service to complain.  I just turned 65 this month!

Our family to due to arrive in a few minutes, so I will have to continue later....until then, stay cool, stay healthy and happy...

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

One More Room...

The installers have one more room and the transition strips between the tile and the new laminate...hopefully they will be finished by noon.  My husband and I plan to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE and run some errands...we both are stir crazy!

I over prepped.  I plan to call the company we purchased the laminate from and get a refund because they charged us for the installers to dissemble and rebuild three things...they only dissembled one bed.  Everything else they barely moved from the room, they moved everything to one side of the room, laid the flooring and then moved everything to the other side.

Izzy is perplexed without the quiet carpet and the "click, click, click" noise of her nails on the laminate.  She likes to sit and lay on the carpet she takes her long, sleeping sound snoozes under our I had the installer guys cut a piece for under the bed.  That is her surprise today...

She had to be crated inside the house yesterday morning, and then we put her out on the patio with her water dish once the morning sun was gone.  She did really well with all the noise, and believe me, there was a ton of noise.  We had foundation cracks so they had to smooth out the floor...we had told them they could work as late as they wished to get it all done...but by 6pm we both were on our last nerve and asked them to finish in the morning...

I still wish we had carpeting...especially when I was lying on the floor yesterday re-hooking up our desktop to get back online... Same with the TV in the still does not work.  All I get is static.  Guess I must have not hooked up something correctly...will figure it out later...I plan to lay on a thick blanket or pad when I do!

Will post pictures of the floors by week's end...

I have been debating whether I will put my bookcases much as I love my books...that was such an undertaking...and then I did not even have to remove them because they never moved the computer desk or the futon out of the office!  Oh well, at least I can give everything a good cleaning...

Friday, May 25, 2012

Nearing the Finish Line...

Google images

I am nearing the finish Tuesday, May 29th, we get our laminate floors installed.  It may take two days... Hopefully I will have the rest of the prep work, packing and measurements finalized so we can put everything back without much trouble...

The biggest undertaking was breaking down my four bookcases and twining up all my books and moving it all to our garage.  Reminded me of when we moved in....It was such a chore it really made me question my love for my books...

We have to remove everything off the tops of all our furniture, empty out all the heavy furniture, unplug all the electrical in the entertainment center, TV stands and computer desks, and stash those items in closets, garage and maybe out on our patio....WHAT A PAIN!

I had planned on boarding Izzy while the house is all torn apart, but today I found out they are booked solid until next Thursday due to the Memorial Day holiday... so she may have to be crated and walked every three hours like we did when we had the patio pavers put in...more work for me!  My hubby pulled his back muscle while helping, so he is unable to help.  I need him rested up for Monday night when we dissemble the dresser and remove all the electrical equipment from the computer desk and the entertainment center...

Here is a picture of our tile leading into our living room carpet...soon to be removed and laminate flooring replacing it...

We are having a neighborhood Memorial Day BBQ & Potluck tomorrow...we completed getting the front of the house trim, shutters and the decorative wrought iron fencing on our front patio painted; a storage rack installed on the ceiling of the garage for our bins of holiday this celebration will also mark the half way point for all our projects.  We also promised the neighbors we'd have them over to see the completed patio pavers project.  I am so looking forward to a day of rest and relaxation before diving back in to the last four days to put this last big project to bed!

This is the sample color of the laminate flooring we are having installed: I think it is a nice warm color....we are planning on having the grain go into to the room rather than horizontal to the tile as it shows in this picture below...I hope it looks OK being our tile is set on the diagonal....

This is the hallway leading into our office where we will also replace the carpeting to laminate wooden flooring: (Pardon the mess, the entire house is torn apart...)

My bookcases used to be lined up in the hallway leading into the den...I have big plans for the den....despite the limited furniture placement, I am going to change the colors from blue to cranberry and will be eliminating as much of the clutter as I possibly can...

The new flooring will also replace the carpet in the master bedroom...

(The covered stool on the side of the bed is how Izzy hops up to sleep on her pink blanket....)

And last but not least, our guest bedroom carpet will go as well, replacing it with the laminate...

I hope I like laminate floors...everyone tells me I will...I will miss the warmth of the carpeting in the winter...but guess we will be wearing our shoes a lot more inside the house.  I better!  This has been a huge, time consuming project and I will be SO HAPPY WHEN IT IS OVER!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sharing My Good News...

Holy crap!  Did Blogger warn anyone of this change??? I certainly did not receive any notice...I just discovered this "new look" today....hopefully I can figure out how to post this!

I have been really putting my nose to the grindstone, despite my sore arm (which is getting a little better)....I have an arm brace, an elbow wrap, and my back brace on to prevent further problems.  I have been moving all my art and craft supplies from the office to the garage art studio...mainly because we have decided to get new darker, more dense carpeting, because the carpet we have now is too light and gets too dirty too quickly...

I have a month to finish my de-cluttering...I have to finish this #@&* project, so we scheduled the re-carpeting so I HAVE to be motivated, and finish.  Hubby is helping with the heavy stuff...

Thankfully, the weather has been GORGEOUS and cool, so working in the garage has not been too bad....

I told you all I had good news to share...I have committed myself to realizing Nevada is where we are now and the reality of our situation shows me it is wiser to get used to it than to fight it.  So I put all the energy I was using feeling sorry for myself into re-inventing myself.

We went back to church the beginning of the year and met two other couples and a single lady who lives a couple streets over from us.  We get together as a group and go to lunch, dinner or movies.  They also invited us to join a church group they are in which gets together for potlucks and conversation.  We are really enjoying our busier social life.

I joined a Bible Study with three other wonderful single women my of whom is my dog walking friend and a neighbor who lives three streets over.  For two years she kept inviting me to the Bible Study and finally I decided to join.  I am so glad I did.

Through the paver work we had done in the back patio, the contractor asked if he could use us as a reference and send interested people in pavers or LED landscaping lights over to see what he did for us.  The contractor sent over a woman who just moved here from Oregon after her husband died of cancer.  My hubby offered her a drink and we sat and talked...turns out, we have a lot in she is lonely and needs a friend too!

She has a cute little Maltese/Poodle mix named Loke (which means Rose in Hawaiian...she is originally from Hawaii.)  We plan on getting together to introduce our dogs and walk together.  She also is interested in exercising with me.  She likes to hike, (which I have not done in eons) but what the heck, maybe I can start with mini hikes....

I have re-connected with some of my California and Arizona girlfriends who welcomed me back with open arms.  I had been distant with them because I convinced myself I was "out of the loop" due to living a state away...I had made myself so miserable, I would talk with them on the phone, then hang up and cry because I missed them so much...of course I felt such loss because I had no life.  I was literally locking myself up in a self made prison!

Every woman needs her girlfriends.  I know that, yet I forgot it for longer than I some ways I forgot maybe the "re-inventing" is really "re-locating" myself...

At first, I felt like I was just "going through the motions" trying to "re-invent myself"....and I still felt like I was betraying myself and feeling lonesome...but I kept the faith and kept moving forward taking action toward my goal...  I am feeling so much happier, more positive and stronger...more in charge of my life...

I also had a four unit bridge installed in my mouth to fill in the two missing teeth I had on the right side. I have always been so conscientious with my teeth, so when a former dentist not only broke my former  three unit bridge, he also broke the tooth off at the gum...hence having to have it pulled.  The past two years I have felt so self conscious with the missing teeth, even putting my hand to cover my mouth or not smiling.  It feels so good to throw my head back and laugh...and not worry about missing teeth.

This June I turn 65 and will change my health plan to Humana Gold Plus the first of June.  They will pay for my Curves membership, so I am looking forward to working out there and meeting more friends.

My Father, who has Alzheimer's, has had several medical issues lately and since I am his advocate, I have also been busy logging in his issues and following up with his doctors.  I write about our families' experience with Dad's disease on my other blog, here at Mystical Journeys.

I miss blogging and all my blogging friends, but I promised myself to get in shape and to simplify our lives by eliminating all this stuff I have lugged all this stuff for years from house to house and really never went through any of it.  It is going to feel so good to "let go" and have less clutter to stress me out.  Then I will have more time to devote to my hobbies...which I am narrowing down to writing and painting.

You would not believe the craft supplies, jewelry making tools and supplies, tole painting, jars and is all going.  I am also letting go of a lot of the books I have....many of them I have touched in six years, so I am donating them or giving them to Goodwill.

I have been attending a writer's group every three months or so and the last meeting I met some poets who invited me to join their meetings.  All the members of the group have been published since joining the group in the past four to seven years.  I now have options...I feel like the seeds have been sown and now the harvest is about to grow...  They also attend the Las Vegas Writer's Conference which is held annually every April.

I have a week long trip planned mid May to spend time with my Mom (Mother's Day), Sister (her birthday) and two of my dear friends in CA as well as about twenty women I used to work with at the Federal Courts where I used to work.  So I have my work cut out for me...gotta get all the little stuff moved and put away before the carpet installers come and move the heavy furniture.  We were told they will finish in one day...they move everything out of one room, lay the carpet and put that room back together, then move on to the next room.  We are having four rooms done.

I will continue to pop in and out, but after I finish this last project, my plan is to be back blogging on a more regular schedule.

I want to thank my blogging friends who have stayed connected with me despite my erratic blogging.  You know who you are and you mean the world to me.  You were there when I felt so alone, warming me with your personal stories and sharing your lives with me.  I look forward to catching up with all of you very soon.  xoxoxo Donna

Friday, April 20, 2012

Solo Passion...

Red Roofs, Marc Chagall, 1954

Photo prompt by Tess Kincaid
Writing Challenge hosted by Magpie Tales

 rivers of red acrylic
splash and spread,
across the floor
she feverishly pushed the paint
with her long handled brush
the passion of her life
viewed best by her benefactor
far above in  the star lit sky
from the red tile roof tops
her body seemed small
yet her efforts were great
her bare foot held one edge of the paper
pushing and pulling the paint
rarely satisfied
 always wanting perfection
 she had so much
to prove...
she always knew
 she wanted to be an Artist
her goal ahead like a beckon
blinding her to anything else.
consumed in creation
she dare not stop for one day
for fear of self doubt
would steal it all away...
despite the flattery
of flowers and ignored invitations
she had no time for romance
for men only want to possess
a woman's power
to harness and leash it
like a dog pulling his cart.
no one understood
her obsession to paint
so she cloaked herself
in persistence
and reveled
in her solo passion.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012


"Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend."

Melody Beattie

Sometimes I allow myself to be too easily distracted and forget to be grateful....Ironic how one strain or pulled muscle in my right arm can suddenly bring so much clarity and gratitude...

One forgets how many small, daily actions are taken for granted when one cannot move one's fingers or bending one's elbow without experiencing pain...  Really got my attention!

Obviously, typing is not one of the actions I can partake in with my right arm semi out of commission.  I am getting better, but only if I do not over use my right arm....

Many blessings have been rolling into our lives as I take myself OUTSIDE and placing myself among people...putting myself out there....I look forward to sharing it with you soon....

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Attitude and Effort...

"Happiness is an attitude.  We either make ourselves miserable, or happy and strong.  The amount of work is the same."  

~Francesca Reigler