Picture taken by my friend Cyndi Leos....thank you Cyndi.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


image from Pinterest

we are all leaves
from different trees
we color the world
with our changes of color
shapes, sizes, seasons
and hues
yet the same...
we live in the same forest
making the world
we know 
more interesting
more joyful
to experience

why do humans
cut down forests
for progress
for profit
for greed?

why do humans
make it so complicated
by judging others
by our differences?

is it about fear?

does our technology
breed competition to out do
to make the most money?
they can't take it with them.

why is so imperative
some should have 
so much more
than another?

for what purpose?
to feel better?
more powerful than another?
more secure?
what? why?

wouldn't it be nice
to see sports teams
representing and 
playing for charities?
where both teams contribute portions 
of their proceeds to their charity?

more television programing
like Secret Millionaire
Undercover Boss
Extreme Home Make Over Home Edition
more feel good programing...

how about programming
with a panel of experts
and viewers can log in or
call in to get expert advice
for free...
(what a concept!)

what about political
parties setting an example
to show the country
how to get along?

how about a movement
to be kind to one another
or to treat everyone 
like a member
of one's own family?

everyone wants 
to feel loved,
and to have a purpose...
so why try to take it away from them?

what about professionals,
sports figures,
famous celebrities
and millionaires
donating their valuable time
to teach in schools
or hold classes
with the unemployment offices?
why not?
why can't they share
their skills and knowledge?

what about neighborhoods
getting to know one another?
having a list of names, phone numbers
and emails to keep in touch
have pot lucks
assist in ride sharing
helping in emergencies
sharing skills and knowledge
getting to know one another
helping with child care
pet sitting
so many possibilities...

we can't allow
to take away
the human element
of touch...

to have eye to eye contact
to communicate with
another's soul

many humans
enjoy the forest
the out of doors
it gives them peace
calm many
see the comparison...
the example
as a possible solution
for mankind?

there is so much peace
in simplicity
less complication
in forgiveness
joy in gratitude
understanding in appreciation
freedom in acceptance
in making another smile...
why don't we see it more?

why does it have to be 
scarcity or excess?


Friday, October 18, 2013

Acts of Kindness....

Just driving along a road and noticing something on the side of the road...
She stops and discovers it is an injured dog...

If you ever doubted your power to change some one's this video.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Positive Thoughts For a Better Life...

"Some days are better,
  Some days are worse.
  Look at the Blessing,
  Instead of the curse.
  Be positive, stay strong
  and get plenty of rest.
  You can't do it all,
  But you can do your best."

-- Doe Zantamata

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Magpie # 188: A Tree on a Hill...

Mark A. Haley 2010 photo

Photo prompt presented by Tess Kincaid 
Poetry challenge by Magpie Tales

standing mid-ascent 
the sky reflects my mood
the impaled tree in the distance
stands alone, plowed through and indifferent

a huge, abandoned, empty water main pipe
indiscriminately dropped, splitting the tree
which simply adapted and grew around it
teaches lessons in it's silence

the open meadow is dry
over baked by the sun
many dying from lack of rain
it crunches beneath my feet

were these stone steps
laid to hush the sounds of loneliness?
so pilgrimages could be made
to the solitude of sitting beneath a tree?

the wind always finds me
on this hill of pondering thought
taunting me with wind whispers
or yelling with rumbling thunder

the effort is always rewarded
if nothing more 
than the example of determination
and steadfastness

the view gives insight
much appreciated 
by a familiar friend
even if it is a tree on a hill...

10-1-13 ©dkb