Picture taken by my friend Cyndi Leos....thank you Cyndi.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Ode to Izzy...

Izzy girl

This is how she looks
when she wants to go
for a walk...
She has such intent
in her big brown eyes.

We've been together
three years now
we rescued her
the day of her
"last chance"...

She is such good company
very independent
very protective
very smart
no one can get
a half a block
from our house
without her 
letting us know.

I think rescued pets
are so grateful
 doing their best
to honor 
their rescuers.

She had a rough past
in her first year of life
we are her fourth
and final, forever family
a man or men were
 mean to her
so my husband has
to be extra gentle
and soft spoken with her
he is her
treat giver...

I cannot fathom
being mean
to an animal.

She sits in the sink
while I bathe her
giving me little licks
when I lean in
to wash her face...
she will not shake
to dry off
until I take her outside.
My favorite part
of her bathing
is after I have 
towel dried her
and she runs like a 
bullet train
to "air dry"
and rolls around
looking so happy
feeling so good.

Then she goes to the patio
furniture and waits
so I can trim her
patiently holding still
until I sit back
admiring how cute she is
then she looks at me
and waits...
when I tell her, "OK"
she leaps off the 
chair and runs around
so excited
because she knows
she will get a treat
for being so patient...
She looks so cute
and smells so sweet
I love giving her a bath
I just wish I could
learn to shave her
like a professional...
I will have to
U-Tube it and learn...

She observes
watches and listens
 adapting herself
to our life
and whatever we do.

She is not fond of the groomer
but she does what she has to do...
Same with boarding
but she leaps into
my arms when 
I arrive to take her home.

She has a neighborhood
of dog friends
but does not like
bigger dogs
certain breeds...
 she is a work
in progress
learning to be
more social.

During thunder and
lightning storms
she feels comforted
when I put a snug 
doggy shirt
on her
and if I am home
she wants to follow me
around and be where 
I am.

I have never 
heard her whimper
or whine.

She enjoys her toys
and is so grateful
when we give her
a new one...
singling it out
to play with it 
more than the others...

She likes to sit
on top of the back
of our couch
so she can see outside
so she can guard
the house. 

She puts herself
to bed
between 8pm
to 9:30pm
She sleeps in her crate
at night
(with the door open)
on her leopard print
lying on her back
ever so lightly.

Some times she
sleeps with us
unless we move around
too much
then she hops down 
and goes back
to her crate.

During the day
she may sleep on top of our bed
on her pink blanket
or underneath
the bed
on a piece of rug
when she really wants
to sack out
if I am away 
from the house.

She is respectful
of our home
and can be trusted
when we go out
for the day
or several hours.

I cannot
our life 
without her
she is a bundle
of furry love
and she is
our sweet
Izzy girl...



DJan said...

What a wonderful ode to a faithful companion who finally has the life she was meant to have. Hugs to all of your and blessings of the day. :-)

thisisme said...

Aaaw, what a lovely tribute post to your dear little Izzy. She is so cute and beautiful and obviously gives you so much love. She must be such a blessing in your livesl. Hugs.

That corgi :) said...

She is indeed such a blessing to you and your hubby, Donna, and I am sure she brings so much joy and laughter to your days! What a great tribute to Izzy!


Jeanie said...

What a lucky girl Izzy is and what a long way she has come since she came to live with you. She and Dodger would have lots to talk about from that first year of both of their lives.

Laoch of Chicago said...