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Monday, July 2, 2012

Taking Rejection In Stride...

I got an email from Apple tonight.  They "thanked me for investing my time but are going forward with other candidates..."

I am disappointed.  I hoped to at least get a second interview...but, it was not meant to be....there is something else out there for me and I just haven't found it yet...

I go see the surgeon this Thursday for the lump in my right arm/elbow.  I am hoping it is benign...

I am looking forward to my two daughters coming to visit this Friday.  It has been two years since they were both out here together to visit .  I don't have time to take this Apple rejection to heart because my joy and anticipation in spending time with my daughters far surpasses anything else.


Mari said...

I'm sorry! Job searches are so difficult. My daughter has been at it for too long also. Enjoy the time with your daughters though!

DJan said...

I am sorry to hear it, Donna. But you are right: something else is out there and you will find it. And I also hope that the lump in your arm is nothing; I'm anxiously awaiting that report. Have a great time with your daughters, and Happy Independence Day! :-)

Jeanie said...

Forget about Apple and enjoy the visit with your daughters....things will work out right in the long run.

That corgi :) said...

First of all before I forget, LOL, love your flower picture on youer header, very nice!

Sorry about that, Donna. You know, I hate to say this but your age plays against you at times like hubby's age plays against him, regardless of the experience you bring to the table. But you are right, there is something out there for you (and hubby).

He got to the third stage of interviews but the work hours are less than desirable; they would like him six days a week and on call the other times he's not there. It would be a horrid schedule yet I got depressed that once again we are back to waiting and wondering...... but we'll continue to trust in God!

how fun with the visit with youer daughters! I know it will be a great time with lots of laughs and good times!


Thisisme. said...

Hi Donna. Love your new header photo and the photo of you on your sidebar. Well, I'm sorry about the Apple job but, as you say, it obviously wasn't meant to be and, anyway, you've got much more exciting things to think about with your two daughters coming to visit you. How exciting. Enjoy your time with them my friend. x

Kerin said...

Oh drat!
Well.. it's certainly their loss!

What a great attitude you have about the news, and a wonderful example you are to look forward to the blessings in your life, and seeing your daughters :)

Smiles :)

Mehul said...

Hi Donna,

Hope you might have found a job by now.

- Mehul
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