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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Movie, HEREAFTER...

Today I took my husband out to breakfast and then to see the movie, HEREAFTER. I would give it a 10, but it a very different Clint Eastwood movie. Some might say it is too long, because it moves very slowly. I think he purposely takes the audience separately into the three central characters lives. If you go with the intention of being "entertained", you might view the movie as slow...but if you have the time, and want to enjoy this movie, go into the movie theatre, settle in and prepare to visit each of their lives as an if you were a spirit floating above everything happening on the screen.

I really enjoy how Eastwood selects actors not well known or famous, so you can relate to them on a more human level. This is a different type role for Matt Damon I feel, but I really enjoyed his character. I have heard Eastwood completes movies very quickly, because he does not get in the way of his actors.  He collaborates and allows his actors creative freedom.  I also like the way Eastwood never insults the audience by explaining every single thing in the movie.  He acknowledges his audiences are smart and will get the story he is telling.

The boys who played the twin brothers were fantastic. I must say, there is a scene in the movie with Matt Damon and one of the characters, and I sobbed my eyes out.

I have always believed there is a dimension between life and death, and we experience it when we first die. I have always believed loved ones who have died, attempt to make contact with us, but we are closed off to it and don't tune in. Often, I believe, our passed loved ones visit us through our subconscious while we sleep.
I have always enjoyed reading about after death experiences and wished it was discussed more.

Both my husband and I really enjoyed the movie.  I think you will too.


DJan said...

Okay! It's now on the top of my "must see" movies. Thanks, Donna, for the great review. I've read a couple that made me wonder if I would like it, now I know I will.

That corgi :) said...

sounds like a great movie to see Donna! thanks for the review! I'm not sure if loved ones attempt to make contact with us after they pass, I try to gauge things like this with what the Bible might say about it and I'm not sure I've read anything in there that to me could colloborate it. But I respect your opinion about it. what I am grateful for is because of what Jesus did on the cross, at least us loved ones that believe in him and put our faith in him will definitely see each other again for all of eternity and that is a very good thing indeed!


Madame DeFarge said...

Thanks for this. I hadn't noticed this film, but will now look out for it. I prefer directors who treat the audience as intelligent beings and not popcorn fodder, so with you on this.

Pat said...

I definitely want to see this movie; hopefully next week when we're in AZ and things settle down. Don't know if Jim would be interested in it or not, but too bad!

Chatty Crone said...

Thanks for your review - sounded like you liked it - another friend of mine didn't. It's funny - how the same movie gives different people different feelings.

I'm glad you had fun!