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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rum, Diet Pepsi and Crab Fishing...

OK...I was a busy beaver today.  I net shared my Windows iTunes library with my Apple Mac Book iTunes library.  Uploaded three Chicago disks to my Apple mac.  Sync'd my iTouch iPod to my MacBook, and have been organizing the iTunes library and getting it all cleaned up.

I love listening to my iPod.  I have a little bit of everything on there, from the 50's to current, to comedy to classical.  I had a bunch of mp3 tunes my girlfriend gave to me and I am still working on it to get it all in alphabetical order.

I hate taking medication.  I have been taking the 800mg Motrin for my tonight, since I am feeling so much better, I decided on a nice rum and diet Pepsi.  Very relaxing...

Izzy did great in the kitchen last night.  We left her four hours.  I was telling one of my blogging friends today, this kitchen thing may work out nicely when I vacuum or wash floors.  She likes to attack the vacuum and it is too big of a hassle to keep telling to her to "quit".  I usually lock her outside on the patio, but it is too hot to do that to her during the summer.

I am looking forward to watching SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE tonight.  Love that show.

Last night while taking it easy, I watched the two hour special on Discovery Channel of Captain Phil Harris, one of the several Crab Fishermen profiled on the reality show, DEADLIEST CATCH.  I am totally addicted that show!  I have been watching it since 2005.  He was a gnarly Captain of the Cornelia Marie with an x rated mouth, but a good man none the less.  He fishes the Bering Sea for King Crab.

It was a very touching two hours.  He lived life on his terms and was very rough around the edges, but he takes care of his family and his crew.

Does anyone watch that show?  He leaves behind his x wife and two sons, Josh and Jake.  No doubt the rest of the Captains and crew will keep strong connections with the boys, especially Captain Jonathan Hillstrand on the Time Bandit.

If any of you enjoy crab legs or crab salad or crab in any food form, it was most likely caught by one of the boats on DEADLIEST CATCH.


Mari said...

I never watched The Deadliest Catch, but my sister is a huge fan and she loved Captain Phil too.
I need to get an Ipod!

DJan said...

I've never watched it, I try to keep my TV watching to a minimum, I've run across it but now maybe I'll try it out.

DrSoosie said...

You sound much happier this week Donna. It is nice to relax and zone out to great television. I love Bravo reality TV I am ashamed to admit. Hope you have just as a relaxing weekend.

Donna B said...

Mari and DJan: Talk about living vicariously through the experience is addicting! I love the ocean but would be terrified to be out in those seas with those 30,40 foot waves, not to mention the ice they must break off the boat so it won't sink! I am fascinated by the ocean. I would be so sea sick I would not be able to function.

DJan, you sky dive, so this may seem tame to you!! I would have to say, t's more of a guys type program, but, I love the way men interact with one another, as I have four wild and crazy brothers. They are always a source of entertainment and amusement!!

I love the adventure of the show, the relationships between the Captains and their crew and the friendships between the Captains. I admire the risk these men take.

I have watched PERFECT STORM a zillion times and read the book. Another favorite is THE GUARDIAN. LOVE that kind of stuff. THE OLD MAN AND THE SEA was one of my childhood favorites. The sea is such a mystery. I dream of it too. Just always drawn to it.

Donna B said...

Thank you Soozie...I am happier and so grateful not to feel in pain any more. How about you? How are things going for you? Please email me instead if you want to...big hugs to you and I have you in my daily prayers.

Laoch of Chicago said...

I am sure that I am misunderstanding somehow but in my i-tunes you can alphabetize by clicking on the heading (i.e. name, artist album etc)

I love my ipod intensely too, it makes long bus and train rides pass much faster.

Betty said...

We get the show you mentioned on our Satellite TV and me and hubby loves to watch it. But we only get a season once it´s a year old. Right now we are waiting for a new season. It really is scary how those men catch those crabs.

Chatty Crone said...

I went to Alaska a year ago and actually saw his boat.

I watch the show - it's an amazing show. They work so hard and it's so grueling.

I was sad when I heard he died.


Donna B said...

Laoch: We may need to talk...I am alphabetizing mp3 songs that are listed with the genre first, artist, then song title all on the song title box. I am separating them and putting each in the correct box. Is there a shorter way to do this?

Betty: Discovery shows reruns, but the new season comes on starting at 6pm Tuesday nights. Isn't that show GREAT?

Sandie: See? Yet another thing we have in common. How cool that you saw Capt. Phil's boat. I love watching episodes with ice floating in the water when it is triple digits here. I actually find myself covering up with a blanket!

Laoch of Chicago said...

I can't really visualize what you mean but I can tell you that there are endless articles about how to use i-tunes to organize your music.

A couple of examples -

etc - I would look closely at some of these or search for others because it sounds like you are doing much too much work. I have things pretty well organized on my i-tunes with very little effort. Being lazy this is important to me but mileage does vary from person to person.

Laoch of Chicago said...

In thinking about it more, if I am understanding what you are saying (and I am not sure that I am) - assuming the meta data for each song has already been entered (and if it has not you can go to the advanced screen and select "get names") and I would probably use the smart playlist feature to create mega playlists for each genre - then to alphabetize I would click on the name tab. It is sad that you are far away or I would just meet up with you and do it for you as the program is pretty flexible and lots can be done with it.

Donna B said...

Laoch: Thank you so much! I really appreciate the links. I so appreciate you offering to help me if we were closer. I think that would be great to meet and chat about blogs, life, music, philosophy... but I have to learn things myself. I will read and see how I do, and let you know... I do learn best by seeing and doing, rather than someone doing it and me watching. Thank you so much for the information and for your generosity.
Enjoy your weekend! Stay cool!!