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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I AM...

Yesterday I was surfin' some Blogs, and read this cool little meme on Rochelle's Blog at (Getting There)
who had gotten the idea from Caroline at
who borrowed it from September Mom at
who collected it from Kitten at
who found it from the originator, Emalee at 

I enjoyed peeling back the layers 
of each woman's interpretation of the meme,
curious to find
the original impetus.
You might enjoy exploring their sites too...

Here is mine:

I AM: Donna
I THINK: too much (analyze)
I KNOW: how to be a friend
I WANT: to be a good person
I HAVE: all I need
I DISLIKE: dishonesty and prejudice
I MISS: my family and friends in California
I FEAR: snakes
I FEEL: intensely
I HEAR: Roberta Flack on the radio and Izzy chewing on her Bully Bone
I SMELL: burnt bacon...(I always do when I have a cold)...
I CRAVE: a sense of accomplishment
I USUALLY: make lists of things to do
I SEARCH: for my purpose and meaning to my life
I WONDER: whether my daughter will have a boy or a girl
I REGRET: wasting time
I LOVE: my husband, daughters, grandsons, family and friends
I CARE: about my fellow man
I ALWAYS: want to be positive
I WORRY: about my Dad
I REMEMBER: the good times
I HAVE: more patience for others than I do for myself
I DANCE: whenever the mood strikes me
I SING: horribly, but like to sing along with The Three Tenors while driving
I DON'T ALWAYS: appreciate what I have
I ARGUE: when I believe in something strongly
I WRITE: because it feels good
I LOSE: perspective with momentum and then beat myself up over it
I WISH: I could lose 20 pounds and have lower cholesterol and triglyceride numbers
I LISTEN: to my gut
I DON'T UNDERSTAND: why people have to choose sides
I CAN USUALLY BE FOUND: on one of my computers
I AM SCARED: of drowning
I NEED: my alone time to recharge
I FORGET: less than when I was going through menopause
I AM HAPPY: the majority of the time
I DREAM: of using a metal detector to treasure hunt on the beach


Caroline said...

Wonderful list...and I am amazed how you traced back the origin! :) So glad you dropped by my blog...looking forward to exploring your sacred space here...

Donna B said...

Thank you so much Caroline. I am so happy you came to join us. I sincerely believe woman have such a powerful force. There is NOTHING we can not accomplish together! Welcome!!!


I AM: gypsy [jenean]
I THINK: all the time bout lots of things
I KNOW: i love my children
I WANT: to be loved wholly openly
I DISLIKE: prejudice
I MISS: my children and my little brother
I FEAR: fear
I FEEL: passionately
I HEAR: my spirit speak
I SMELL: euphoria - my perfume
I CRAVE: chocolate
I USUALLY: dream a lot
I SEARCH: for meaning here - and there
I WONDER: about the universe
I REGRET: wasting time
I LOVE: my children their children and theirs and me - sunny days
I CARE: about my children about love about our planet
I ALWAYS: will love - and need the sun
I WORRY: about worrying
I HAVE: me
I DANCE: in my heart all the time
I SING: loudly and passionately in my car
I DON'T ALWAYS: know i am loved
I ARGUE: as little as possible
I WRITE: to exorcise my soul
I LOSE: myself sometimes
I WISH: that i had no wishes
I LISTEN: to my heart
I DON'T UNDERSTAND: why there is not more love in the world
I AM SCARED: of being scared
I NEED: to be me
I FORGET: to forget
I AM HAPPY: in my heart
I DREAM: constantly

septembermom said...

I'm so glad that you did this meme. Loved all your answers. It must be nice to listen to the Three Tenors while driving. I'll have to try it. I try to listen to my gut too. It never steers me wrong. I'm happy to follow you on this wonderful blog!

Donna B said...

Caroline...I am just curious that way...

Gypsy: Thank you for your meme...GREAT!

September Mom: Thank you so much, but as I said in my post, I did not start it, but really enjoyed the exercise. I'd like to repeat it every now and again to see where I am...welcome, and thank you for following and contributing to the blog!

gayle said...

Love reading this!!

Donna B said...

Thank you Gayle...will you try one?

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

Very cool! I will have to blog-lift this as well... Expect to see it on my pages sometime in the near future.

I love your responses and some of mine will be very similar.