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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

How To Be Really Alive...

While packing, I found this.  It made me smile. I don't remember when I got it...but I think it had to be from the 60's... I found it interesting, that I would still enjoy doing some of these things...

Live juicy.
Stamp out conformity.
Stay in bed all day.
Dream of Gypsy Wagons.
Find snails making love.
Develop an astounding appetite for books.
Drink sunsets.
Draw out your feelings.
Amaze yourself.
Be ridiculous.
Stop worrying...
Now. If not now, when?
Make YES your favoirte word.
Marry yourself.
Dry your clothes in the sun.
Eat mangoes naked.
Deep toys in the bathtub.
Spin yourself dizzy.
Hang upside down.
Follow a child.
Celebrate an old person.
send a love letter to yourself.
Be advaced.
Try endearing.
Invent new ways to love.
Transform negatives.
Delight someone.
Wear pajamas to a drive in movie.
Allow yourself to feel rich without money.
Be who you truly are and the money will follow.
Believe in everything.
You are always on your way to a miracle.
The miracle is you.

** SARK**

Anybody else remember this?  Can anyone relate?  Does it sound like it was from the 60's??


Marylinn Kelly said...

I have some of SARK's books and I think - but can't swear - that she came to our notice later than the 60s. My books were acquired in the 90s and her message has always been about "living juicy."

dellgirl said...

Wear pajamas to a drive inn movie? WOW! That had to be the 60s (or early 70s at least). Friday nights at the drive-inn was the culmination of the week.

Boy, those were good (sometimes) times!

Thanks for the memories, I really enjoyed this.

Terri said...

This is awesome, I love it! Thanks for sharing!

Donna B said...

Marylinn...Cool...I can't remember when I picked it up, but it really spoke to me when I did...

Dellgirl...I know! LOL! Remember those days?

Terri...From one free spirit to another, you are welcome!

Blissed-Out Grandma said...

Hi, I just landed here from Gramme's Blog. I remembered SARK but no details....just found that she has a blog, which says she published her first book in 1990. She certainly keeps alive the spirit of the 60s...or maybe improves upon it! My favorite line is "Marry yourself." Thanks for posting this!