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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What sucks YOU out of the sheets in the morning?

This wonderful question was asked by our Pastor, when we lived in Riverside, California.  As a congregation, we all read Rick Warren's book, THE PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE. After I read the third chapter, I had decided my purpose was to love and connect.  Loving and connecting, make me happiest.

Lately, I have been loving from a far and not connecting much lately...could be why I feel so down and lousy lately...

The things that suck me out of the sheets in the morning are:

Anticipating going to see my family in California,

Loved ones coming to visit,

Getting together with a friend,

Being motivated to carry out a plan,

To check my email,

To write

The ocean,

A good book,

How about you?


maggie said...

A life purpose of loving and connecting-can't get better than that in my books.
When my eyes pop open in the morning the first things I go for are a spiritual book and my journal. I like to read then write about what I've read for greater clarity. After that the rest of the day is gravy.

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Unfortunately, it's my job that sucks me out of my sheets, and that's not a good thing. But fortunately, once I'm out of work, I have amazing things going on!

Donna B said...

Maggie, great motivation and an awesome plan. I commend you on your discipline for clarity. What an excellent way to stay on course. I have two great Spiritual books that I used to read more regularly than I have lately. Thank you for the reminder.

Linda...Jobs don't count...please share what sucks you out of bed on the weekends...

GutsyWriter said...

I have similar interests to yours, however, I have to admit writing and revisions are taking me out of bed every morning. A cup of coffee and the gym also motivate me to get the blood flowing for the rest of the day.

Donna B said...

Gutsy...YOU HAVE IRON WILL POWER!!! If I lived where you live, I would be sucked out of the house to the sound of the ocean's roar!! I would be collecting shells on the beach all day.