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Thursday, April 29, 2010

To pack or unpack, that is the question...

I find myself in some what of an unusual position. Our plan to do the Reverse Mortgage (please every one...hold positive thoughts, pray, and hope our home appraises for at least $200,000) will buy us time, over the next two to five years, before we put the house up for sale again.

I put a few pictures back and the magnets back on the fridge, but wonder if it is worth unpacking everything, only to pack it all again down the road... Not that I want to live in limbo until we move, but it might help me detach emotionally.

If our goal is to simplify, then it might be a good idea to get used to living with less stuff...If I stay on task, I can really eliminate, unload, purge out a ton of more stuff and then we can fit into a smaller space. We've discussed trying to find a smaller place in California, now.  It would give us a place to stay when visiting, and would be a place to move to, when the time comes.

Sounds good in theory, let's hope we make it happen.


Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

Hmmm... I think leaving some stuff packed is a good idea. I actually still have a few things in boxes from when we moved in here in late 2007. Part of that is due to Ron's health going down right after we moved and part of it was that I couldn't decide where to put it. Now, a lot of it is headed to the garage sale in June.

It is hard to have stuff in limbo but it sure makes moving it easier if it's already in boxes.

Praying for ya!

That corgi :) said...

I think you made a wise decision to take the house off the market especially in these economic times (boy that seems to be a phrase I use a lot) anyway, hopefully housing should take a turn and come up and put you in a better position down the road. Honestly, I wouldn't unpack if you have the room to keep the boxes and if you don't need the things in those boxes for every day life. I've moved so many times over the years that I have de-cluttered so much and what used to be sentimental to me and I felt I had to keep became a burden almost moving it from place to place so I kept the memories, but dumped the stuff (make sense?) I know you will do though what is best for you; hoping the appraisal goes well


Jerry said...

I could give you sage advice on whether to pack or unpack, but I know my wife would tell you just the opposite. Now if I knew what my advice would be, then I could tell you what my wife's opposite advice would be.

So I'll try different advice. Have some fun.

My wife agrees.

Donna B said...

Hi Teresa: The only things I would want to unpack are pictures of my kids and grandkids, the Realtor told me to pack. Everything else I don't really THAT ALONE tells me something!

Betty: Thank you my dear...I really hope to eliminate a lot of stuff. I know what you mean about dumping the stuff and keeping the sentiment... Here's hoping when the move comes it will planned for and not so rushed with a lot less to pack.

Jerry: You know I am always interested in your sage advice...but having fun sounds like what I already have on my agenda!! Say HI to the wife...