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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

SURVEY: I Would Appreciate Your Opinion...(2nd post today)

What do you prefer when commenting on blogs... Would you rather have a reply back by email or would you rather go back to the post where you left your comment for an answer?

Generally, when one of you leave me a comment after my post, I email back to you, rather than answering in the comment section...unless we are having a discussion...but I noticed lately, I have almost exclusively been emailing back directly.  I also have noticed my comments have slacked off...maybe not seeing my comments after every one's comment, gives the impression I don't respond.?  Or is everyone just busy?

I am interested in your opinions and input... thanks!


DJan said...

I hardly ever go back to see a response to my comment on the post, since I follow 85 blogs and it would be almost impossible to keep checking back. I appreciate private responses, but I do sometimes go back to check later comments about a controversial subject. I myself like to have all my comments on a post available to be seen by other commenters, because it does make a difference to me to see what other people say and think about things... does this help??

I also love our private emails but they are just that, private between us. They are very valuable too.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

I like it both ways (LOL - I just want it all - hehehehe!). I sometimes can't remember what post (exactly) I've commented on so finding it again is sometimes hard. Having a personal email back from the blogger is really nice because I know for sure where I was and that the post was read. I sometimes get behind and then comment on a lot so finding where I was is really sometimes a challenge.

I think my posts (on my blogs) are sometimes not very interesting to people because they don't comment but I've also noticed that I'm bad about commenting. Also, if the return email address is "no-reply-blogger" then you can't comment directly back to the sender.

gayle said...

I like email because I very seldom go back to a blog to see if my comment was answered there. Sometimes people don't have time to comment back and that's ok too.

It does bother me that there are some blogs that I comment on and they never email or respond in their blog. I just wish they would once in awhile!

Laoch of Chicago said...

I think you should do whatever makes you feel comfortable and that which is easiest for you.

Wanda..... said...

I guess emails are good for me, especially this time of year, when so busy outside (between the spring showers of course). I feel every comment doesn't require a reply back, especially with my long term followers, because we visit each other's blogs back and forth. I always reply to a new visitor's comment with an email or visit their blog and reply with a thank you there.

Since I follow so many blogs, I may overlook a reply to my comment at their blog site...due to time. Whatever you decide to do...should be what works for you, Donna. I'll be a regular visitor here, no matter what! I sometimes wonder which blog to follow, when someone has more than one. :)

Cmom said...

I think this is a busy time of year. With the blogs I respond to most of the bloggers seldom reply. I think it is all in how you feel comfortable with communicating with your readers.

Donna B said...

Thank you everyone for your input...I am going to continue to repond directly back via email and continue to post in the comments to thank, answer some questions and to join in on any discussions. I am going to try to tick the respond back in email to some comments I leave in the comment section of other blogs...thanks again, everyone! :}

Thisisme. said...

I've just left my reply on your other Blog, and I've just grabbed this button now and put it on my Blog!!

jbchicoine said...

Donna, it's all the same to me! I always 'subscribe by email' when I comment, because I like a response--it makes me feel like a valued participant. So, it doesn't matter if your response is by email or on the blog. I think commenting back on the blog does add a more interactive element, though...just sayin' :)

Donna B said...

I have really learned a lot by this survey: I want to learn more of the various ways mentioned here. I think I will head over to blogger help and read some more... Thank you so much everyone for your feedback!

Stafford Ray said...

Hello, so you are THE Donna who Magpies!
Ages ago I declared that I would not (usually) reply to comments because of limited blog time. I would rather spend that time reading your blogs than replying on mine.
I can't say it has effected the number of commnets, but the practce of commenting on other blogs keeps my 'friends' in the loop anyway.
Of course I do go back to some blogs to see what followed a comment of mine that might have stirred up some controversy, and particularly on blogs like Snowbrush, who is such a rude bastard that I must go back because I love it when he calls me an idiot or a nincomnpoop. But there are blogs like Madam Morgana where the comments go into the hundreds. She writes a pithy blog once a month or less and there follows long conversations between MM and her followers, sometimes their exchanges number twenty or more.

I find the worst thing you can do to put off commenters is to declare Atheism. Some of the faithful do stick around, but most are offended that everyine does not share what I call their delusion. Of course I am not disrespectful to anyone as a person but I guess we all like to feel at home in a tribe no matter that our tribal lore might be pure fantasy. Of course mine is absolutely rational! haha!