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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Six Word Saturday and Updates...

Taxes are done, back is better..

Thankfully, the CPA picked up all the paperwork and totals for our taxes.  He told us he should have it finished within a week.  Normally, I do our taxes online with the free H & R Block program.  This year, with my husband's retirement and all the roll overs and setting up of our new retirement program...I did not want to take a chance...

I will resume my mission to reduce our utilities next week... I had one set back today.  I had called our land line, Internet provider (Century Link) to change to the lower long distance plan I had been told we could get.  I found out she was a new employee and gave me wrong information. Instead of reducing our bill by $50, it will only be by $39.  We will no longer have an option to dial long distance, or have a message service or call waiting, but we will still have our low rate for our Internet.  We will use our cell phones for long distance.

Most of our messages are from doctor and dental offices confirming our appointments.  We'll just have to have them call our cell phones instead.  Anyone we care about reaching us, will know to call our cell phones.

Our cell phone service, through Verizon, has 1400 shared monthly minutes which also includes 10 free phone numbers which are not with Verizon.  I have the nursing home where Dad stays on that list.

We pay our electric and gas bills on level pay already, but I want to talk to each utility company to get ideas how to lower our energy use.  I will do that next week.

I have been able to resume my purge in our office.  Some where in the purge, I am missing my "good copy" of Gifts From The Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh.  I have been reading my old, original copy, which is literally falling apart.  I plan on using the pages in a creative journal project... so guess I will be purchasing another copy.

We plan on getting together with our friends, another couple, this weekend for dinner and a movie.  The weather is so nice, we'll barbecue on our back patio. 

Happy weekend to everyone...


Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

sounds like you're making great progress! love the idea of using the book for a creative journal project. be sure to post pictures when you're finished with it.

glad your back is better and the taxes completed. i set a goal to work on ours this weekend. gotta get cracking on them! i've started but still have some things to finish up.

have a great weekend!

Thisisme. said...

Bet you're glad that tax thing is done and out of the way! So pleased that your back is feeling better. Sounds as if you're going to have a lovely weekend meeting up with friends. How lovely to be able to have a barbecue on your back patio. It's been bright but bitterly cold here today. By the way, there's an Award waiting for you over at my Blog!

DJan said...

Happy weekend to you, too, Donna. I am sorry to hear your bills will not be reduced as much as you thought it woud be. Hope you find that "good copy" of that book! Happy barbecue!

That corgi :) said...

glad you got the things to the accountant for taxes Donna and it is in their court, so to speak! Wise to have an accountant do it this year with all the complexities; the last thing you would want or need is an audit. How fun to get together with friends too; barbecuing sounds like fun!

We have the 1400 minute plan for Verizon too; when we got it (and we are in the process of trying to figure out what we want to do with cell phones since we finished out that contract several years ago and can get new phones if we want) we had two teens on the plan and we needed that many minutes. We found out now that with that 10 friends number thingy you mentioned that we rarely go over 500 minutes even with son still on the plan. But we don't do a lot of talking on the phone.

if you get any ideas on how to lower energy usage, do let us know.

have a great rest of the weekend!


Laoch of Chicago said...

Through Gmail you can call a lot of landlines for free, at least for the next year, so I do that now if I am calling form home, which allowed me to lower my cell phone minute plan.

Marylinn Kelly said...

Talk about making the most of six gave us a full update. So glad your back is better and I'm sure having the taxes done makes breathing easier. My downsizing goes in fits and starts...mostly fits. I start looking through art papers and find it, at least so far, very hard to let any of them go. Clothes are much easier. xo