Picture taken by my friend Cyndi Leos....thank you Cyndi.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A long weekend with Family...went by way too fast!

I arrived in California last Friday, around 4pm.  My Mom is in Ohio visiting my brother and his family, so I planned to stay the night there with my niece.  My brother and his wife, their daughter, (my niece) and I went out to TGIF for dinner and just hung out and visited.  Very relaxing and always so good to catch up with my family...

They dropped me off back at the house and I could not wait to hit the sheets for a good night's sleep, since I planned on meeting my sister in Claremont, for a walk at 7:30am. 

I met my sister at 7:30am and we had a wonderful walk through the quaint little town, know as the City of Trees.  The city is known for its huge trees, of all types.  Downtown, where we walked through the Village, is very close to Claremont College.  Our walks there are always very enjoyable and esthetically so pleasing.

After our walk we joined a group of gals who meet every Saturday morning at the Coffee Bean for creative sharing with crafts or projects on our computers.  We ordered our Peach Latte Tea, a scone and raisin bran muffins and had a fun morning sharing ideas.

My sister and I said our good byes and walked to one of her son's friend's eatery, called Dr. Grubbs.  All natural food and absolutely DELICIOUS!!  If you are ever at the Claremont Village, do yourself a favor and eat there... it is on Bonita Ave.

The rest of the day, we busied ourselves going to thrift stores and craft stores.  Then I drove home as she and her husband had invited my brother and I to see the play, CHIPS, THE MUSICAL, in Burbank.  It is loosely based on the 70's TV show, CHIPS.  It was HYSTERICAL!  We really had a great time!

My brother in law dropped both my sister and I off at Mom's as we planned on visiting Dad together with my youngest brother and his girlfriend the next morning.  (It was a GREAT visit...see post for Father's Day on other blog, Mystical Journeys.)

Sunday night I drove to my oldest daughter's house.  They were on vacation, so my youngest daughter who is pregnant with my third grand son, was coming to stay with me for some quality Mother/Daughter time. When she arrived, we unpacked and went out to dinner at Chili's.

Monday we went shopping for the baby, and met my best friend for lunch in Redlands.  After my girlfriend returned to work, my daughter treated me to see BACK UP PLAN with Jennifer Lopez.  We had a nice full day, packing in three days worth of fun.  We got home just in time to watch The Bachelorette.  I fell asleep right afterward.  It was such a great time, but it went by way too fast!

I just got home a short time ago, after picking up Izzy my dog from Boarding.  We're both happy to be home...Can't wait to see my husband...


Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

wow - sounds like you had a great time! i've never been to that part of CA but it sounds like it's a beautiful place.

glad you got so much visiting in over such a short time period.

That corgi :) said...

wow, you did a lot in your short time here and hit a lot of areas!! glad you made it back safe and sound


Chatty Crone said...

My goodness - I just got back from California - you sure did a lot in your time there - I agree. Do you need a vacation from your vacation?