Picture taken by my friend Cyndi Leos....thank you Cyndi.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cotton Candy Floatation...

Have you ever seen
a feather floating in the wind...
rising, falling, back and forth
aimlessly tossed...going 
where ever it is carried...

I feel like the feather...

I have no direction
no waking up with determination
crossing items off my "to do list"
I ease into the day
sleeping as long as I wish
no goals, no limits
or schedules

Like I am waiting
for someone to give me
my assignment
offer a suggestion
an invitation...

I know my life
will be speeding up next month
with commitments
events, plans,
and I welcome it...

I look forward to
having a schedule busy enough
to force me into 

Floating makes my head
feel like cotton candy...



DJan said...

Oh, I just love your new header, Donna. And your lovely poem... flow free for as long as you can! :-)

Brian Miller said...

it is good to have those times of floating like a feather...and then the times of business as gives contrast to our the seasons...

Kass said...

How lovely and freeing your poem seemed. I'm a little envious of your luxuriating easiness.