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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Inside INFO On Results To My Sleep Study...

One of the nice ladies at the Sleep Center had told me to call her last Friday.  I did and she told me she types up the notes after it is dictated by the doctor.  She told me she would call me to let me know if I did have sleep apnea and would have to come back.  I had explained to her I have to change health care companies and my doctor wanted me to use my current health plan to do the sleep studies because the sleep centers on the other health plan are conducted at motels and are not as nice.  She did not call me Friday, so I called her yesterday.

She told me I had "moderate" sleep apnea and she had just faxed the doctor's notes to my primary care doctor.  When I called his office, the gal told me he would contact me in a couple of days.  I reminded her, the doctor had wanted me to use this sleep center and I was changing health plans in January.  I will call them back if I don't hear anything by tomorrow.

I am really surprised I have sleep apnea.  I didn't think I did.  Pretty scary.  My husband is convinced he has it, but will not go to the sleep center because he could not stand all the paraphernalia one has to wear for the test.  I am apprehensive as I am claustrophobic and if they are going to have me wear a mask, I may just have to decline and then run on a treadmill daily to loose this weight around my middle and around my neck!


Wanda..... said...

If that would be a successful way of treating moderate sleep apnea...I think I would prefer the threadmill path too, Donna... there would also be other healthful benefits from the use of one!

DJan said...

Losing weight DOES help. My guy lost 40 pounds and not only stopped his sleep apnea, but he doesn't snore all unless he forgets and goes onto his back. Even then, it's much much better. So it would help, if all else fails.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

Ron has severe sleep apnea. He quit breathing over 300 times an hour and is now on a bi-pap machine. I have terrible claustrophobia so could not wear a full face mask. They have nasal plugs though that are supposed to be better.

My sister-in-law died from sleep apnea.

That corgi :) said...

give it a try, Donna, with the masks when it comes time for treatment. I think they have lots of choices out there to help those of us that could be claustraphobic. I'm glad you got it checked out and found out the diagnosis so you can see what your options are for treatment and then get treated. I think you will feel so much better too all ways around with treatment of it!


gayle said...

My husband has it and wear the things in his nose. It really snoring!