Picture taken by my friend Cyndi Leos....thank you Cyndi.

Friday, May 28, 2010

I see you...

I liked what
the blue Navi people
said to one another
upon greeting
in the movie

"I see you"

To be accepted
as you are.

It was
as if
they could
deep within
one's soul
and feel

Kind of
our blogs...


Cmom said...

What a great post! Complete acceptance. Now wouldn't that be something?!

DrSoosie said...

I agree..I think in some ways we see more of each other through blogging than we would if we met in person. Though some may feel it is a false sense of intimacy...I do not. I think it is a wonderful connection to others that enriches and exposes you to people, places and things that might otherwise never been seen, read or appreciated. I truly feel I have met people through blogging that I have connected to in profound ways. I actually have an intimate sense of who they are by reading their thoughts, feelings and personal journeys. I look forward to getting to know you this well as well.


Marylinn Kelly said...

Blogs give us an unprecedented platform for letting the world know, at least in part, who we really are. The more honest and authentic we can be, the more clearly we can express what we carry in our hearts and minds, the more we give the world an opportunity to accept us - or not - as our true selves. And our blogs also allow us to add something positive, perhaps uplifting, to the general atmosphere. How could it get any better?

GutsyWriter said...

I enjoyed reading the comments of Marylinn and DrSoosie. Yes, we do learn quite a bit from one another through our blogs, especially those who let us into their thoughts.

Donna B said...

Sonja (Gutsy): I agree with you! We have such great voices and conversations here! I too enjoy Marylinn's and Dr. Suzie's thoughts.
I really enjoy how everyone here interacts...some times it is like a slumber party or a gathering at one's house...I really feel that sense of "sister ship" with all the voices here.

Marylinn: I totally agree...I am so uplifted by the women and men who stop in to voice their opinions and share their stories. I am so glad I investigated blogging one year ago June 1st!

Susie: Again, I could not agree more. I once heard one's mental health can be determined by how comfortable one is with self disclosure. I feel so priviledged to be welcomed to share some ones inner most thoughts. In turn, it gives one such a strong sense of freedom in letting go and surrendering to the vulnerability of verbal exposure. I am so grateful for all my blogging buddies.

Cmom: Thank you so much. Isn't that a wonderful start? Let's take of vow of acceptance here...what do you think?

Patty K Mooney said...

They could see themselves in each other. "I am you as you are me as you are he and we are all together."

Chatty Crone said...

You know I think everyone wants to be seen and heard - who they really are - like a basic yearning. Sandie

Donna B said...

Patty: Interesting interpretation, I like it. We basically all want the same things anyway...
but often we are attracted to others with similiar interests or personalities too. Thank you for your voice and for stopping in.

Sandie: I totally agree!!!