Picture taken by my friend Cyndi Leos....thank you Cyndi.

Saturday, September 10, 2016


Big, blue-eyed, bouncing curled, 'blondie' girl...
Sweet puckered lips exploding into a wide, open-mouth smile;
Oh how you fill a room with your energetic, loving presence!
You make me smile, you fill my heart, you touch my soul.
Take me to heaven with the touch of your little hand on my face;
happily swept away, totally engulfed in your laughter...
The shutting of your eyes when you are thinking
and that tongue of yours has it's own personality.
Your outfit is so pretty, so many cute clothes and accessories!
What?  You need to find your Fairy wings?
Shall we have another tea party with your musical teapot?
Or do you fancy another story?
OK, let's watch how fast you do puzzles.
Such a wild child...full of busy, so fun.
Will you be a rock climber or an explorer of mountains?
Will you be a gymnast or a professional dancer?
Already you are an excellent rocker and mommy of baby dolls...
Your Mommy has taught you so much and so well....
In three months you will be such a fantastic big sister!
I know you will be a leader....
I know you will be bright and loved...
I know you will follow your dreams....
Sweet baby girl--only two years old and so very smart!
You melt my heart the way you look up to and love your brother
almost four years older....he is your prince next to your Daddy.
Grandma loves you...
Little monkey girl, 'No jumping on the bed!'

© dkb

1 comment:

Mari said...

She sounds like a sweetie! I think she will treasure this poem written by her Grandma!