Picture taken by my friend Cyndi Leos....thank you Cyndi.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Power Jam: Super Hero...

This is an older picture of my Mom, who is now 86 years old and myself.  I was probably in my late fifties in the photo, I am now 66.

This Poetry Jam challenge, hosted by Brian Miller (his blog WaystionOne), is to write about Super Heroes.

My Mom is my Super Hero.

She dared to go where she had never been
and sailed way past her comfort zones
She married young, totally unprepared,
during WW II
She learned "on the fly" how to be a Military wife,
to cook and become a Mother

an only child, she had seven of her own
She suffered the death of one of her sons
only 48 hours after his birth

She led by example and strong beliefs
yet always willing to listen and discuss anything
encouraging us to have our own opinions
we are very much alike emotionally
so we butted our stubborn, hard heads a lot

each of us always knew
she was there for us
She may not have been able to solve 
our problems, but she was in our corner
offering suggestions and supporting us

She taught me to be my own person
She taught me to listen to my gut
She taught me not to do anything
I would not want seen 
on the front page of a newspaper

being hard headed
I still pushed the envelope
and made my mistakes
yet I always knew she was there
if nothing more than
reminding me... it was a good life lesson.

She taught me to stand up 
for what is right
and for what is wrong
often we had differences 
of opinions-- but we could talk about it
and agree to disagree

She taught me to love my country
to be proud of our heritage
to do for others so I would not
dwell on myself

She demonstrated the importance
of keeping one's word
showing up on time,
with the commitment to finish what we started
She did not miss work
and worked so hard she would
fall asleep in the chair with her purse on her lap
taking a "cat nap" before cooking dinner

She wants to learn and be informed
She reads the complete newspaper
and does crossword puzzles in ten minutes flat
She knows her way around a computer, iPad
and smart phone.
She has faced the majority of her fears
but has not yet learned how to swim

while still raising school age children
she took a job when Dad did not earn enough
She could budget, save and stretch money 
teaching us always to meet our
responsibilities first, which
gave us time to decide
 how important
something really was
that we thought we wanted

today she celebrates 68 years of marriage
Dad has been in a nursing home
for the past four years
prior to his admission
she was his caregiver for over ten years
and earning a living for both of them

She just retired three years ago
working to the age of 83
She still lives in the two story home
where we were raised
She is still independent

She rarely calls for help
She does not interfere
and gives her love and wisdom
honestly without expectations

Super Heroes sound good
look good
depend on TV and movies--
I'll take the real,
dependable type...

She's my Mom
my friend
I love her
respect her
and am so proud to be
her Daughter



Brian Miller said...

what an incredible tribute to your mom...makes me smile that you think of her as your hero as well...all the things she taught you...moms are cool like that....very well done...smiles.

Myrna R. said...

This writiing made me tear up a little. Your mom sounds wonderful, remarkable. You're so fortunate to have had her in your life and still do. I think real superheroes like your mom are the ones that really count.

Mari said...

Wonderful tribute to your amazing Mom!

Laurie Kolp said...

She sounds like a remarkable woman and wonderful mother. I love that she's your super hero.

DJan said...

I feel like I know her through your poem, Donna. She sounds like a great role model. You are so fortunate to have her in your life, still around. My mom has been gone for twenty years and I still miss her!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Wow, Donna, your mom is DEFINITELY a superhero of the very best sort. What a wonder she is! Loved your poem, so nice to meet you through Poetry Jam. I hope to read more of your work!

alan1704 said...

Amazing poem and what a great mum. Wonderful tribute.

Mary said...

My goodness, where did my comment go? I left one this morning...but it disappeared somehow. I think it is wonderful that your mother is your superhero. She has taught you many things that have given guidance to your life. It is wonderful to see someone appreciate their mom like that. Now I wonder where my first comment went. Sigh.

Donna B. said...

Mary, I think you commented on it after you made a comment on my other poem, "On Feeling Uncreative" it is published there...

Susan Lindquist said...

Now THAT'S some kind of woman! You have given her such a beautiful tribute! Well done!

Peggy said...

What a lovely tribute to your mother. She is indeed a super woman. Thank you for posting here at Poetry Jam. I look forward to your future postings.

S. Etole said...

What a great tribute and your mom taught you some very important things. Miss my mom so much.

Donna B. said...

Thank you everyone for your generous and kind comments on the tribute to my Mom. I really appreciate you taking the time to stop by and leave Mom is enjoying it too!

Mary Ann Potter said...

Moms are indeed special. I loved your tribute. My mom didn't get enough recognition when she was alive; I can't wait to see her again in heaven so I can tell her what she means to me now...

Gill_Ruth said...

Hi Donna. What a lovely testament to your fantastic mum - simply and beautifully phrased. Thanks for sharing with us all. Xxx