Picture taken by my friend Cyndi Leos....thank you Cyndi.

Monday, June 6, 2011


Photograph by DJan at DJanity

There are times
when being still 
like a forest,
is a prayer
needing to be prayed...
To shut everything out,
on the whispers
from The Voice within...
the faith...

Lately, my life
 is not unfolding
the way I want...
 Lately, my burdens 
feel extra heavy...

Some times
I feel like I am
lost in a forest,
bewildered and
overwhelmed by 
my surroundings...

plague my joy,
stealing my focus...

As swiftly
as a sudden shower,
a crack of lightning,
a roar of thunder,
a change in attitude
through prayer
can come like a cool breeze...
on a warm day...

Reassuring me
I am on the right path...
walking in nature's glory
cherishing every step
filled with wonderment
and a sense of discovery...

My example
are the trees
stretching to the heavens
aiming for the stars;
faithful to soar above and beyond...

is the ability
to believe
to know
to expect
without question...
on the fact
God does not 
make mistakes...

God has a plan for me.
He knows
this place and time
may not be to my liking
but there is a reason
I am here...
being molded
and shaped
into the purpose
He has for my life...

It is important
I seek, find and know
what that purpose is...
but more importantly,
to be faithful.

Forests, like life,
effected by the elements...
as it is meant to do...
Tall, strong trees
if only to become
a bridge to cross...
eventually rotting
to fertilize the soil...
the rain falls,
moss spreads to feed,
animals take shelter,
gentle ferns
thrive within the mist,
every living thing
has a purpose...

He knows the all
and the everything.
Please fill me
with your Spirit,
Please fill me
with your peace.
I want 
to be




Chatty Crone said...

And on yours too. I love this. sandie

Donna B said...

I just published this post and a comment dated May 19th popped up from Chatty Crone...Although I thank her for her comment, I think it went to something else...I have no idea what happened, how something written the past could appear in the future???? No doubt, yet another glitch with Blogger...GRRRRRR!

Bee's Blog said...

I love, love, love this. You have put into words what I feel at times. All day today I have been saying and then posted on my Face Book status that 'Something is disturbing my spirit'. This poem is just what I needed this evening. Thank you.

DJan said...

I see it! It looks just wonderful. I will read the poem in a bit, but for now the whole thing looks good. For some reason it didn't come up in my Reader, which is why I didn't get it.

DJan said...

Oh, it is truly a wonderful and spiritual poem, Donna. I'm so glad I got that picture, because it inspired this poem! Hugs to you... and thanks.

That corgi :) said...

this wasn't on my Dashboard, Donna but when I clicked on your blog it was there. it is absolutely beautiful! I love how you described your life (so much like mine LOL) but yet your hope and your prayer to God (also my hope and prayer too) knowing that God has plans for your life.

very timely thought wise words you wrote!!


Mari said...

It wasn't on my reader, but I see it now. Isn't that crazy?
It's a beautiful poem and the photo is perfect with it!

Donna B said...

I am wondering if the problem was due to my working on this blog for a couple of days and then ended up changing the date to post it?

I sure hope Blogger gets it together! I have been searching their Known Issues, Blogger Buzz, and Blogger Status...and all I keep reading about is some SHARE BUTTON! So far, I have not seen one????

Has anyone heard anything?