Picture taken by my friend Cyndi Leos....thank you Cyndi.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wake Up Call, Times Two....

Early this morning, we were awakened by our dog Izzy barking her ALARM bark, she ran in the house barking in a high pitched bark, running around the house, and back outside in our back patio... my husband, characteristically, worries about her barking disturbing the neighbors and told her to be quiet.

He went out into the front to get the newspaper and saw our neighbor Jerry, two doors down, was standing on our corner, over the body of a small dog.  He yelled to my husband, telling him a coyote had just killed our neighbor's dog. Our neighbor lives kitty corner from us, down the street on the corner.  Their yard sits below street level.  Her little Yorkshire terrier typically jumps up on top of the wall and sticks her head out the wrought iron bars which sit on top of the wall.  Apparently, the dog jumped up and the coyote snagged it, shaking it all the way down the street to our corner and was preparing to eat it, when Jerry, our neighbor scared it off....

My husband came in and woke me up (as I had my earplugs in and CPAP machine on) and told me what happened. We went outside and I could see Chris, the dog's owner, and Jerry... he had covered her little dog Bella with a towel.

I comforted and cried with Chris, while my husband stood over the dog, keeping the wind from blowing back the towel, exposing Bella's body.  Jerry went to get a box to put Bella in, so Chris could carry Bella home. One of our other neighbors, Ally, walked with Chris back to her house...

We have heard of coyote sightings from other neighbors, besides Jerry.  Because of it, I will not walk Izzy alone early in the morning when it is cooler or later after dusk, when it isn't so hot.  I have been asking my husband to walk with us... I think NOW, he will....  When I rarely do, I carry a walking stick.

Yesterday I read in the newspaper someone in our community was running up on our walking trails around 6 am, when his Boxer was bite in the forehead by a 3 foot rattlesnake, which the owner killed.  His vet bill was $1200 and thankfully, his dog will be fine.  The owner was quoted saying he will not be running up on the trails until Winter.  This is the same trail my son in law, daughter and I took when they came to visit in April, for the Easter weekend.

This is a wake up call... we have a six foot wrought iron fence around our backyard, with more narrow bars than our neighbor Chris.  Her bars are 5 or 6 inches wide and ours our 3 inches.  Izzy cannot stick her head through the bars.  The fence has thorny bushes growing on it for privacy. We have a doggy door and Izzy has free rain in our small back yard.  In the past we have left her in the house, but she can use the small doggy door to go in and out to do her business.  Now, we may start locking her inside and using the potty patch beside the back door...

I have written much this past week as I threw my lower back out.  Last Thursday I leaned over to pick up a grocery bag and ZINGO, I felt like a lightning bolt struck my lower back! Could not even sit long enough to post an explanation about my absence...Yesterday, I started taking some muscle relaxers, which make me very sleepy, but it is helping.  It feels so good to sit and type on my laptop without pain and stiffness in my lower back!

I think this is a wake up call for me to get serious about losing weight... my gut is getting so big it is now throwing out my back!

I read some where about extra weight around the middle is like carrying a bowling ball attached to the waist...  With THAT VISUAL, I can see how I keep throwing my back out.  Like it or not, I have to take some positive action to lose weight!

I have found I do better with a schedule.  Part of me HATES schedules as I see myself as spontaneous, but being spontaneous, leads me into procrastination...

When I am completely healed from this lower back business I will be implementing and experimenting with my posting and visiting other blogs schedule.  I have to make exercise a priority in my life. It is clear to me, routine and schedules equal more accomplishment.

I have a lot of time to think this past week.  First and foremost, is dealing with my constant challenge in being unhappy with where we currently live.  I must learn to live with it. I have to.  Depression and loneliness generate laziness, another reason for my weight gain.  I weigh more now than I did with both my pregnancies!  I hate to admit this, but I have put on almost 30 pounds living here these past five and a half years!  I have been literally, eating my loneliness...

I used to remember working and wonder how I got so much is because I was on a schedule.  I hate dieting, so it is all about changing my life style.  I have to get more active, which means getting OUTSIDE the house!  Before my back went out, I sat at my computer a good twelve hours or more!

Recently, when I visited my Mom in California, she confronted me on how my obsession with my computer has made her feel  disconnected from me.  Even when I would came to visit her at her home, I would be on my computer.  I had felt her distance and had pulled away from her too.  I am so glad she brought it to my attention, because it made me realize how out of control I have become...

I feel I have really slacked off visiting your blogs...another indication of how disorganized and dysfunctional I have become...Everything has come to a head having to lie around and do nothing but think... In a way, having my back go out has been a blessing...and a genuine wake up call...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Magpie #70: Familiar...

Photograph by Tess Kincaid
Challenge, hostessed by Magpie Tales

It was a sunny spring day as
she stood across the street
from the court house...
her heart racing in anticipation.

On a whim
she turned and opened
the chiming door
of the second hand shop...

Poking around for thrifty treasures
always relaxed her...
A ray of light through the window
blinded her temporarily,
bumping her against
the corner of metal bin...

Looking down 
she noticed 
the unusual 
cross stitched
around the antique
framed photograph...

Her breath caught
as her image 
in black and white
stared back 
at her...

Goose flesh arose
upon the back
of her neck...

Something familiar
filled her gut...
an instant
in the dark lashed eyes,
the shape of her face,
her brows,
her nose
and lips...

Her finger twirled 
the air
at the edge of the frame,
as she imagined
 the dark, 
natural curls
around  her finger...


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Agony and the Ecstacy...

My visit to California started off pretty rough, traveling with my sore the time I arrived at Mom's on Wednesday, I was not only in more agony with my back, but exhausted from lack of sleep.  I was feeling pretty grouchy...

I had a lot of problems with the Internet at Mom's house... Most of my what happened during my visit is written on my other blog, Mystical Journeys.

Mom suggested I drink some of her Joint Juice...I had been using the Icy Hot Packs, heat packs and ice packs and nothing was working... The Joint Juice has 1500 mg of Glucosamine HCI and 200 mg of Chondroitin Sulfate, along with 400 IU of Vitamin D3 and 60 mg of Vitamin C. One 8 oz bottle has 25 calories, but the Cran-Pomegranate flavor is very tasty.  It makes me fart like a motor boat, but having one a day for three days, by Friday, I was not having any pain or discomfort in my back!  I am beginning to think I have some arthritis in my back...and plan on asking my doc to check me out in that regard...

Mom said my brother K____ started taking it for his knees (years of basket ball) and he has not had any complaints.  Speaking of my brother K____....  He and his wife came by to visit with Mom and I Saturday night.  He noticed my CPAP machine set up on the coffee table (because I was sleeping on the living room couch) and asked to try it on....

He disturbs his poor wife's sleep nightly.  She is a light sleeper, so she is in the same situation as my husband used to be.  His wife told him he stops breathing and needs to go to his doctor.  He had told her he would not wear one of those masks...

I donned the head gear and turned on the machine....  "You look like Hannibal Lecture", he joked..."You really look like a dork... Let me try it on..."

I tried to explain he needs to go to a sleep study to determine the air pressure he needs.  It will probably be different from my pressure....besides, I did not want his hairy nose on my nasal pillows... He was intrigued with the nasal pillows instead of the mask and again, insisted on trying it on...

K____ could be a stand up comedian. He even resembles Robin Williams...he can make you laugh without even trying...  I attempted to be serious and give him the specifics of the machine and the importance of a sleep study... "Yeah, yeah, yeah, come on sis, let me try it..."

So I did.  He pulls it over his head before he realizes the air flow is on full force.... I thought about telling him, knowing I could reduce the flow by clicking the arrow button... but stopped myself... He was making wise cracks and not I let him experience it full force!  He could not talk because the air gushed out his mouth, making him lose his breath and sputter...

I took the opportunity to tell him TO SHUT HIS MOUTH!  This made his wife crack up, "Good luck with getting him to do that!" she giggled... His daughter had told him I slept as quiet as a mouse sleeping on the couch when she left the house for nursing classes early in the morning... she stood smirking with her arms folded, enjoying her father's comedic commotion. Gasping for breath in high squeals, Mom was preparing to wet her pants yet again.... "It'll come out my a--s.." he managed before he shut his mouth like I told him...

"BREATHE THROUGH YOUR NOSE!" I wheezed through my own convulsions of merriment.... (I have always been partial to his perverted humor... he gets it from Mom, that's why she finds him so hysterical.)

Suddenly, there was silence...he actually listened to me and was breathing through his nose.  He had been convinced he could not breathe with just his nose because he thought he snored with his mouth open.  I had demonstrated how loudly I snored with JUST MY NOSTRILS...and he could not believe it.

I had told him before I got the CPAP machine, I always had a stuffy nose and irritating tickle cough at night.  I often would make a tent over my head with the sheet, breathing into it making it more moist to breathe and consequently make it easier to sleep.  He admitted he did the same thing...

Amazed, he removed the head gear and announced he was going to go to a sleep study and get a CPAP for himself.  He said it was surprisingly comfortable and easier to breathe.

I cherish time with my reminds me of all those lean years growing up when we filled the days entertaining ourselves with our humor and imaginations... This was a great visit...and an exceptionally fun visit with my Mom... we had the BEST time... I love you Mom...

Thursday, June 16, 2011


I had some creative thoughts whirling about in my head...but I did not sleep well last night, so those thoughts have vanished into the air...  My back is still bothering me from last Tuesday when I pulled a muscle during my steroid inspired turbo energy boost....

I spent the night at my daughter's house after they left on vacation.  I had spent a nice day yesterday with two of my girlfriends... I was so preoccupied in chatting with my girlfriend, I forgot to request romaine lettuce for my salad, instead, getting iceberg. Since getting older, iceberg just does not digest right in my geriatric system.... I spent the remainder of the day feeling bloated and gassy.

I have been looking forward to sleeping in my daughter's bed, instead of the couch in the living room... but I did not know their pet snake "Pike" (who used to be in its cage in the garage), is now in the corner of their bedroom...  I told myself I would be fine. (I hate snakes...they give me the CREEPS!),  I waited until I felt heavy lidded and tucked myself in....

I sleep with my CPAP machine, which has a plastic hose.... as I flipped flopped in their bed, in a fit of nightmares about snakes, sore muscles, unable to get into a comfortable position, I would touch the tubing in my sleep and jolt awake thinking it was the snake getting out of its cage....

I was like Goldilocks in the story of The Three Bears.... I went from their bed, to my grand sons beds, to the couch, and hardly slept a wink all night.  Finally at 5am I got up and took a hot shower.  Still aching, I tried the ice pack and the heat pack...  drank some Instant Breakfast so I could take a Motrin, and ended up falling asleep for an hour before being awakened again by my discomfort...

I plan on heading over to Mom's house today, but thought I would try to get SOME sleep so I wouldn't fall asleep at the wheel driving to her house!  No luck.  Guess I better pack up and load the car slowly and is better I get to mom's house and have some company....

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Magpie #69 Barriers of Protection...

Photograph by Tess Kincaid
Challenge and hosted by Magpie Tales

It would be interesting
if the protective barriers
people create
would be as visible
as the ones
sea creatures


Friday, June 10, 2011

Went To Urgent Care Last Night...

Last night, my injection site from my Shingles vaccine on June 7th, was three inches in diameter, hot, red, swollen and ITCHY!!!  I called my primary care physician and he told me it sounded like my arm was either infected or I was having an allergic reaction to the vaccine.  He strongly suggested I go down to Urgent Care.

I did, and again, I was so impressed with new health insurance.  They put a wrist band on wrists of all people coming in for treatment, so less chance of mix ups.  I did not wait longer than five minutes before I was called into a room with a nurse.  She took my temp, my blood pressure, my history and wrote down my reason for coming in. 

She had me return to the waiting room, and before I could finish telling my husband what she did, she called me to see the doctor.  A young woman doctor came in and greeted me, and asked to see my arm.  She confirmed I was having an allergic reaction.  It appears I am allergic to Neosporin and Latex. 

She advised me to continue the ice packs, to take Benadryl at night, use Benadryl cream during the day.  When I told her I was leaving on a trip to California on Monday, she suggested Prednisone 20mg twice a day in the am, for five days to "trick" my body from having an allergic reaction and to stop the itching...She told me to make sure and take it first thing in the morning with food as it may make me feel a little "jittery".

WHOA!  I feel like I could lift a car!!  I have been going like a house afire all out my master closet, getting donations bags ready, doing laundry, emailing, blogging, cleaning out cupboards and drawers, fixed my neighbors printer, took Izzy on a loooooonnnnng walk.... WHOO-HOOOOO!  I can see why athletes like to take this stuff!!  I feel like I am 20 years old!!

I will be taking this little "energy boosters" until Wednesday... My oldest daughter always complains I wear myself out and poop out too early....I called and prepared her for "the turbo version" of her Mother to visit her on fact, I called my younger daughter to bring Jacob and come join us!!  Tuesday, I will spend the day with my older daughter, and I plan to WEAR HER OUT for a change!  Wednesday, my last day on the steroids, my daughter and her family leave for vacation. 

I had planned on meeting two of my girlfriends, one on Wednesday and one on Thursday night...NOW, today, I called and rearranged our visits so I can meet one during the day for lunch and one at night for dinner.

Thursday I will head over to my Mom's. She visits Dad on Thursdays, so I will get to see my Dad twice while I am there! Mom turns 84 on the 21st, but she has plans with several of her friends, so we will celebrate all day on Saturday.  She called me today and is having computer problems, so I will see if I can help her Thursday and Friday, then Friday night I will spend the night with my sister, and back to Mom's on Saturday morning.  My sister is off to the Irish Festival with her husband, son, daughter in law and their in laws.  Hopefully, she will get home early enough to join
Mom and I are Mom's celebration dinner.

Sunday, is Father's Day, and after wards, we will all go out to lunch and celebrate my younger brother's birthday, my birthday, and Mom's birthday and just enjoy one another and laugh....

Monday I will spend with my youngest daughter Jodee and little Jacob.  She is taking me to Olive Garden to celebrate my birthday.  Fun, fun, fun...can't wait!!  She is having Jacob's pictures taken professionally, so I will meet her there and help her keep him smiling...and then after we will go to lunch...

Tuesday, I return home... (What a jabber box!)  I have so much energy... I LOVE this stuff!!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

More Blogger Problems....How About You?

I know Blogger has changed the posting editor, but has anyone had any problems with their posts not appearing in other bloggers dashboards and reader?  I did.  I posted one of DJan's photographs with one of my poems here, on June 6th.

When I did not hear a word from DJan... I knew something was wrong. I emailed her to look, and she told me it never came in on her reader....but she could see my post.  I checked with another friend, and she too said it did not come in on her dashboard, but she could see the post on my blog.  I checked with a few more friends, and they all said the same thing...

Has anyone else had this problem?  What is up with Blogger?  There isn't anything on Blogger status or Blogger Known Issues either...

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Has Anyone Had This Reaction???

Yesterday, I got the Shingles vaccine. So far, I am very impressed with my new health insurance...I had zero co-pay, covering the vaccine 100%. SWEET!

I have been busy the last two days, but today, I asked my husband to look at my arm (they inject the vaccine just under the skin, on the under side of the arm, so it is not easy for me to view...)

I have a red circle about the size of a silver dollar around the injection site...doesn't a little hard to touch, kind of tender, but no pain.  I have been icing it and am now in between ice packs to write this...

Anyone else have any reactions to the Shingles vaccine?

Monday, June 6, 2011


Photograph by DJan at DJanity

There are times
when being still 
like a forest,
is a prayer
needing to be prayed...
To shut everything out,
on the whispers
from The Voice within...
the faith...

Lately, my life
 is not unfolding
the way I want...
 Lately, my burdens 
feel extra heavy...

Some times
I feel like I am
lost in a forest,
bewildered and
overwhelmed by 
my surroundings...

plague my joy,
stealing my focus...

As swiftly
as a sudden shower,
a crack of lightning,
a roar of thunder,
a change in attitude
through prayer
can come like a cool breeze...
on a warm day...

Reassuring me
I am on the right path...
walking in nature's glory
cherishing every step
filled with wonderment
and a sense of discovery...

My example
are the trees
stretching to the heavens
aiming for the stars;
faithful to soar above and beyond...

is the ability
to believe
to know
to expect
without question...
on the fact
God does not 
make mistakes...

God has a plan for me.
He knows
this place and time
may not be to my liking
but there is a reason
I am here...
being molded
and shaped
into the purpose
He has for my life...

It is important
I seek, find and know
what that purpose is...
but more importantly,
to be faithful.

Forests, like life,
effected by the elements...
as it is meant to do...
Tall, strong trees
if only to become
a bridge to cross...
eventually rotting
to fertilize the soil...
the rain falls,
moss spreads to feed,
animals take shelter,
gentle ferns
thrive within the mist,
every living thing
has a purpose...

He knows the all
and the everything.
Please fill me
with your Spirit,
Please fill me
with your peace.
I want 
to be



A Flurry of Family Events and Some Sad News...

Just wanted to touch base with blogging has slowed down this least due to last week and this week preparing a week stay in California...  We have ten family birthdays this month, plus have family in town this weekend, leaving tomorrow... I have a ton of preparations to do, car stuff, errands, etc....I leave the 14th and return home on the 21st...

I will be popping in and out when time allows...

Just found out this morning, my friend Barbs, one of the gal pals in our creative group, lost one of their two dogs, Sadie, last night. She had difficulty breathing and had to be put down. Sadie was her husband's dog...big love affair between them.  She would knock everything off the table with her tail when he came home.  They would be up in his "man cave" watching sports together.  She was his shadow... Their other dog, Shaq is having a very difficult time.  I am so sad I cannot even write another word....

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dogs LOVE People Food...

 My sister sent this to me ....